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May Challenge – Visual Arts

scan-2015-02-19-0001Apparently, I had more to say on this, so yesterday’s blog post wasn’t the last you’ll see from me in a while.

This morning, while trying madly to fall back to sleep, my brain was running on high octane for some reason. So, I just let it have fun and waited until it was finished.

Here’s what we (my brain and I) have decided to do during the month of May:

Because there were several people who commented that they might take this visual arts challenge on during the month, I thought maybe I’d make it worth your while to jump in with us. You don’t have to do what I’m doing – which is to sketch or doodle, draw or color each day, but maybe you could pull something off each week.

Every Friday (starting May 8 – we’ll end it on Friday, June 5), I will create a post on the Bellingwood Facebook page. Comment there with a picture or scan of what you’ve created during the last week and I will use my online random generator to choose someone’s name as a winner (we’ll get to the prizes in a minute).

All types of visual art are welcome – except photography (I’ll tell you why in a minute, too). Gardens, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, drawing, painting, doodling, coloring, embroidery, floral designs, glass etching, sculpting, pottery … seriously, there’s no limit. As long as you consider it to be visually interesting or beautiful … and you’ve created it with your own hot little hands, submit it. Take a picture of it or scan it (to a jpg) and post it in a comment and you’re entered.

Why not photography? Because that’s my June challenge. I’ve already set aside the month of June to take a photograph each day and I’m going to invite you to participate in that as well. I’ve got a great idea for prizes for that, but we’ll discuss that when we get closer. So … no photography this month – well, except for taking pictures of your great creations.

Rebecca BPRIZES!

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to share these with you. My friend, Rebecca B, is a most amazing illustrator and storyteller. She has created a wonderful series of books. These have been written to encourage children … to show them how extraordinary they are. Parents and grandparents, teachers and daycare providers should all have these books in their libraries. I can’t say enough fabulous things about what she does.

Each week, one of these signed books will be awarded to someone who offers an entry onto my visual arts post. Take a few minutes to check out Rebecca’s website – AND, check out her Facebook page. I appreciate that you have all taken time to ‘like’ my Facebook page. It really means a lot to authors and artists when you do this. You really have no idea how important it is to us. So … ‘like’ her page and explore The Imaginary World of Rebecca B.

I’m off to do a little sketching or doodling or something. I can only tell you that it’s a good thing TB doesn’t care about showing up in social media. Drawing a cat is good practice for me and drawing him makes me waver between frustrated (because I want to capture his essence – hahaha) and happy – because he’s so stinking adorable! The sketch at the top of this post was from a couple of months ago. I haven’t started yet today.


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