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Vignettes on Kindle

Book 9 Vignette 100 dpiI’ve been asked if the itty bitty short stories that I’m writing to keep y’all engaged while working on the main book each quarter will be available anywhere other than the email newsletter.

The answer is … sure, why not!

And because I have fallen in love with writing stories from other character’s perspectives, this is something I plan to keep doing for as long as these characters talk to me. Sometimes they talk quite loudly, by the way.

Because the vignettes are fairly book specific, about a month after publication of the book, I will draw them together and publish them to the Kindle in a little anthology. If you’ve collected them along the way – yay. But if you want to add one more thing to your Bellingwood library, here you go. And hey, in a few years, new readers will be able to access these easily, right? Of course I’m right.

This collection is just the first four stories, which relate to the main story of Book 9 – Pages of the Past.

For those who might ask if these will come out in paperback … I suspect so, but not until I can gather a whole lot more of them. I might consider doing it at the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see.



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