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Spring is Springing

Spring 02It’s a grey, dreary day (again), but yesterday was gorgeous. The bright blue sky and warm (er) temperatures made for a glorious day to be outside. TB wanted all of that. Now, truthfully, he wants to be outside today, too. What’s he know, he’s just a cat.

I have a friend in Florida who asked for pictures of spring. She said that it’s always green down there. What?

We take for granted the differences in the seasons sometimes. Okay … I do. The yellow-green buds on the trees before they leaf out, the emerald green of new grass … everything that signifies spring to me.

Spring 04I went outside with my camera and shot around the property here. It really is beautiful, even as the trees are trying to spread their leaves and the grass is working to slough off the brown and grey. Ditches that were filled with grey, sooty snow and mud are now rich with beautiful color, deep, black dirt in the fields is being turned and prepared for planting. Ornamental trees are exploding with pinks, reds and whites. The onset of spring is one of my favorite things.

Soon these trees will offer shade that protects my little place from the heat of summer. The grass will grow and need to be mowed, and cool grey days will give way to warm grey days. I can hardly wait to sit on the porch and listen as the rain falls from the sky on one of those warm rainy days.

Spring 05By the time late February and early March arrive, I begin complaining (loudly sometimes) about winter. I’m tired of being house bound with an energetic cat. I’m tired of worrying whether everyone is safe on icy roads, I’m tired of the cold and the wind that whistles through every layer of clothing I wear.

But I wouldn’t trade the seasons that I get to experience in the Midwest. Even on the days when I wonder if spring will ever truly arrive, I know in my heart that it is coming and all I have to do is exercise a little patience. In the summer when I am exhausted from dealing with the heat and all I want is a breath of fresh, cool air, I know that it will come.

I’m thankful for the sunshine I experienced yesterday and as I look at these pictures, I know that it will return – I just have to be patient.

And maybe I’m thinking about the weather too much. I could probably take a cue from TB and just be glad for whatever the day brings because it’s another day to be alive and hang out with a friend.


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