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Warm, Fuzzy Feelings

IMG_1578You know that feeling you get when the house is clean, the kids are in bed, your spouse is doing something other than needing you to take care of them, the weather is perfect, bills are paid, you’ve gotten enough sleep …

No? Well, neither do I. But I can imagine it.

Sometimes, though, all of those things don’t need to have happened for me to feel contented and happy. It’s really a matter of focus. I don’t have to focus on all of the things that haven’t been done, I concentrate on great things that happen.

Well, maybe not even great things – just the little things that make me smile.

Now, today the house is clean and because it was so cool last night, I slept wonderfully. I have two of those things going for me. That’s a great start.

As I was sitting at my desk feeling all warm and fuzzy, I wondered exactly why that might be. The truth is, it is the community that is building up around Bellingwood. What an amazing group of people you are.

When I see negative, snipey, hostile comments floating around, I sneak in and read your positive words. You are encouragers – if you’re doing this for me, I know it’s part of your nature and you’re doing it for others. You support people – your friends – and often people you’ve never met in person.

I love writing, but more than anything, I treasure the fact that I am getting to know so many amazing people because of what I’ve written. I write the characters in Bellingwood because of the great people I’ve known throughout my life. I continue to write these characters because of the great people I’m meeting.

Thank you for being part of this.


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