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Random Things

~ Today is tax day. I haven’t had to write a check for taxes … ever. Until today. Amazon doesn’t withhold money from royalty checks. Am I complaining? Nope. Okay, maybe a little bit. But, not too much. That would be silly.

~ Max is coming to the cabin this weekend … we’re going to hope for good weather so he can shoot some pictures of what I want for the cover of Book 10. Every time he comes up here specifically to shoot pictures … it’s grey and rainy. So, if we’re having a drought, we’ll just plan on scheduling a trip. By the way, the forecast has rain in it.

He’s also going to burn (if we aren’t rained out) cardboard for me. Because I have boxes. I like Amazon Prime.

Me? I’m desperately cleaning so that the place is at least moderately appropriate for someone other than myself to see.  I have new rugs for the bathroom and some curtains I need to hang (first project on my new sewing machine). I’d best get busy.

~ The yellowish green of trees leafing out is wonderful! Pretty soon all of my cover shade will return. I can hardly wait. I love springtime in Iowa. Color returns to the landscape and my heart lightens immeasurably.

Now I’m just waiting for it to be warm enough to pop the fans back in the windows and open those windows full-time. Almost!

I’m also ready for my neighbors to be traveling back and forth with their tractors. I love watching those immense pieces of equipment travel. Have I told you lately how much I love the farming seasons? It’s so much fun to watch!

~ Are you as addicted to puppy and kitten videos and stories on Facebook as I am? I have managed to eliminate most of the awful political crap from my feed and it is generally filled with personal items from friends, puppies, kittens, kindness, hilarity, recipes, and other random things I’ve signed up to see. The rest of the stuff makes me miserable and angry. Who needs to be that during the day? Am I right?

~ I’m in a little bit of a writing slump. That’s frustrating me. I’ll get past it. It’s nothing to worry about. Just telling ya what’s going on. The good news is that I’m really pretty far along in Book 10. Now I just have to press through to the end.

The worst thing is that I bought a new laptop and I’m afraid it’s taunting me. Its express purpose was to give me freedom to write – un-tether me from my desk. So, it sits there, in all of its sleek dark beauty, staring at me with one big eye. I know it’s laughing at me.

~ Today is grey and dreary. TB was outside for a little while, then huddled on the heating pad at my feet. I’ve lost him now. Hopefully he’s back outside and not tucked under a blanket somewhere. He needs to work off as much excess energy during the day as possible. That boy is my own personal kitty video all day long. There isn’t a day that passes when I am not grateful for the fact that he showed up at my back door. Even when he bites my arm because I’m not paying enough attention to him.

TB Caged~ He’s a lot of fun. One day he decided to play in the empty laundry basket that was sitting on the bed. They both ended up on the floor and all of a sudden I had someone in kitty jail!

More cute animal pictures and stories of kindless, love and joy need to show up on a regular basis (not just on my wall … oh dear heavenly days, I can’t manage that).

Smile. Be happy.


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