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Death and ….

Yep. Taxes – such a dirty word.

I’ve spent the day working through ours. Now my head hurts. Because I wouldn’t want to just fill out one set of forms. Oh no, because our situation has changed (I actually made some money last year), I filled out three sets of tax forms, just to see whether or not we should file separately. That really made my head hurt.

So, in other words … tonight my head hurts.

I kinda miss the guy who did my taxes for years. People might have considered him a little left of proper when it came to finances, but he was whip smart and the first thing he figured out was exactly how far his clients were willing to press against the law. Then … that’s where he stayed.

I’m timid. I like plenty of cushion around me. He knew that and respected it. When he retired, I might have whimpered a little. I had trusted him for more than 25 years. He used to tell me that there was no need for him to do my personal taxes. I was smart enough for that. So I did (he took care of my business taxes). Until I couldn’t. Then, I did again and I still am.

It hurts my head to have to be this smart. Maybe someday I’ll give it all up and find another person who is willing to ride the edge of tax law and tell me where it’s safe to hang out.

But for tonight, this is done and I actually feel a little smarter than I did earlier today. I figured it all out, the forms are filed, money is flitting its way to where it belongs, and I’m good for another year.

Are you done for the year? You were probably finished on February 2nd. You make me crazy. Hahaha.

Happy Day before Tax Day, y’all!


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