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New and Improved

I’m typing this post from the keyboard of a new laptop.

My imagination wanted to create an entire scene there where I was sitting in a darkened room in something like the Bat cave. The walls go straight up for thirty or forty feet, opening to the sky (because I need an escape hatch for my helicopter). All around me are monitors, flickering as information flows across them. The decor is dark, black walls with yellow lights from sconces set into nooks. For some reason there is a lot of chrome here, too. Not sure why I need to have chrome and black surrounding me in my imagination. It’s not at all the way I decorate. I much prefer the warmth of wood and bright, colorful, quilts and blankets covering marred table tops.

Anyway … new laptop.

This is a really fun piece of hardware. A Lenovo Yoga 3. It can be a laptop or a tablet. The screen panel flips 360 degrees, so I can make it into a tent or use the keyboard as a stand. It has a great keyboard and a touchscreen as well. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, this little buddy is going to be my friend.

Now I just have to give him a name, right? Actually I’m really bad at naming inanimate objects. But, as helpful as this is going to be for me, I suppose the best name would be Henry. It’s the only way I’m ever going to get that fictional character into my real life.

Who wouldn’t want to curl up in bed with this gorgeous boy?

I love trying new ways to do things. As frustrated as I was with Microsoft yesterday, once I got through the frustration, it started to get fun. I needed to let my brain move into learning mode, rather than insisting that things be exactly as they always have been. All of a sudden I discovered that there was fun to be had. And I never like missing out on the fun.

Henry is going to give me freedom (see, I tried to use its name. That’s going to confuse me for a while). I like freedom. I can enjoy beautiful summer days on the porch – or I can run away in my Jeep and find a beautiful place to write. I can curl up in bed and tell my stories while TB is snuggled against me … oh the freedom.

Now, because I’ve created a Bat cave in my imagination, I really feel the need to spend some time there.

Or maybe I just need to pour another up of coffee.


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