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Star Wars – An Addiction

anewhope003-69102-framedI *might* have just pre-ordered the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection on Amazon.

Seriously, folks, there was no good reason for this movie series to have grabbed hold of my imagination the way that it has. I gladly consider myself a Trekkie, I love Babylon 5, Stargate, all of the Marvel universe movies and television shows. Anything that is sci fi adventure, I love.

But Star Wars? That’s something completely different for me. I’d gladly collect and put together every single Lego build there is, I want all of the iterations of action figures (have you seen some of the plushies?) and when the music from one of the movies plays, my brain tells me that it’s time to be creative and I’d best be near a piece of paper and pencil at the very least.

Mom took me to see Star Wars in 1977. We drove to Des Moines. One of my fondest memories of Star Wars is my sister. Right in the middle of the movie, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are dressed as storm troopers and attempt to rescue Princess Leia. Luke enters her cell, she says something snarky about being a little short for a storm trooper and he takes his helmet off.

As they leave the cell, he does so without the helmet – and right there, out loud, in the middle of a theater filled with people, Carol reacted.

“You forgot your hat!” she yelled. And then she cringed and wanted to crawl under the seat.

Is it any wonder that I like having her read my books for continuity? For as long as I can remember, she’s paid attention and been more than ready to alert us to a missed detail.

Haters are gonna hate and trolls are gonna troll, but I can hardly wait for the newest evolution in the galaxy that hosts my favorite characters.

I could get all philosophical about why Star Wars became so ingrained in our culture, but it was a movie – a story, characters, soundtrack and the idea that the little guy can win. It worked and because we fell in love with those characters and that story, it continues to work.

So … on April 10, when the movies release to my Amazon Prime, I will probably get a little lost. Maybe I need to set in supplies so I can do a marathon all day long. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …”


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