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To Infinity … and Beyond?

20150402_133336Okay, maybe not as far as infinity, but at least for the foreseeable future, Bellingwood stories will continue to be told. My story-arc is a lifetime … not an event. Polly started as a 32 year old woman. She’s only begun to live her adult life!

I can’t imagine not writing these books and lately, it’s been all I can do to keep up with what’s going on in my head. Every once in a while I struggle to write, the plot lines escape me and I have to push myself to work through them, but much of the time, it’s as if I’m holding on while the characters tell me what needs to happen.

Many of you have asked when Book 10 will be out. The short answer is … June. While I know that you’d love for me to release a book every week so you never run out of things to read, that makes my head hurt! Haha.

I’ve always known that I was organized and appreciated a good schedule, but as I grow older, I realize that was just the tip of the iceberg. I’m seriously OCD about these things. It might take time for me to put a comfortable schedule into place, but once I’ve worked through it, it’s there to stay. At least until I come up with something better.

So … what that should tell you is that there will be regular releases of books in the Bellingwood series. I’m finally comfortable with the schedule and now that I’ve set it up, I will move heaven and earth to stick with it. You can count on four books a year. Release dates will hit in March, June, September, and December.

Now, the other thing you can probably count on (because I’m organized, OCD, schedule-oriented – whatever) is that I will hit on or close to the twenty-fifth day of those months for an exact release date. Why? Because I’ve already put that day of the month in place for the email newsletter. Since I already have a tool that announces information, why wouldn’t I use it?

As I write, I’m laughing at myself. There are so many other things about what I do with regards to writing that are just OCD enough to be ridiculous. I don’t know that I’m ready to admit to all of them yet, but you know me … they’ll come out in a fit of truth-telling along the way.

Side note: I’m as evil and rotten as I am OCD about schedules. Does the picture at the top bother you because there are only seven of the nine books there and because they’re out of order? Yeah, those things don’t actually bother me, so it’s fun to mess with the rest of you.


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