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April 1 in Bellingwood

TB no front paws
The incredible ‘no legs’ cat look.

I woke this morning to wonderful and creative online April Fool’s Day jokes. I’m not someone who makes those happen. I’m much more apt to be the recipient. I’m really good at being pranked. I laugh like a fiend and love the joke.

As I thought about it, there is absolutely nothing I could say to you that wouldn’t cause at least one individual out there to have a conniption. And I hate being the cause of undue stress … it seems more mean than fun.

I thought about telling you that Book 9 was the last one. Well, you know better. I’m at the 65% point of Book 10 and have to finish what I start. I’m also digging into the story line of Book 11. And oh, by the way, if you think you have fun living in Bellingwood, imagine the girl who spends her days and nights there. Moving out would be impossible.

I thought about announcing that 62-year-old Beryl was pregnant with triplets. Okay … that’s a good one.

Or that Sylvie had run off with the food delivery guy, or Sal and Mark ran away to Vegas to elope. Hmmm … that one has potential.

So on this beautiful, warm and windy day in the middle of Iowa, rest assured that all is normal. Polly sent Rebecca off to school and went downstairs to figure out how to keep things moving. They desperately need at least two more employees. The new manager of Sycamore Inn isn’t going to show up until either the very end of Book 10 or Book 11. I’m starting to get to know this person really well and I can’t wait to introduce him or her to you (I’m not telling … yet).

If they hire too many more people to work in the offices, I think I’m going to have to uproot the conference room and put it in the classroom.

Joss and Nate are looking at house plans (do you like to do that? Oh, it’s one of my favorite things) and Sal is collecting bits of kitsch for Sweet Beans Coffee Shop and Bakery. Sylvie is working through recipes for the bakery and this morning, Eliseo and his buddy, Ralph Bedford have taken Demi and Daisy out to a back pasture with a cart. They’re hauling rocks out of a field to clean it up.

Happy first day of April from Bellingwood. I’m glad you stop in to visit regularly. It’s so much more fun because of that.


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