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TB … Giver of All Good Things

This is going to be a two-post day because before I get into the post I promised, I have to tell you what happened to me early this morning. I was so sound asleep that I almost forgot about it, but it’s one of those things that will keep coming back to mind and send me into fits of giggles. So, I’ll share.

IMG_2547I’ve been sleeping a lot the last few days, trying to feel better. Low grade fever stuff, just out of it. TB has been wonderful. He doesn’t complain, just crawls into bed and curls up behind my legs. This is almost like a drug for me. I don’t know how it works, but when he does this, everything within me relaxes and I fall into a deep sleep. He hasn’t cared what time I need to sleep, he’s just been there, tucked in beside me. For a cat who is a brat (well-trained by me, I’m sure), he’s shown me a lot of love lately.

Mornings – just around dawn / daybreak – are his time of day. When I’m out of it, I generally sleep through his antics, even when he dashes across my body or paws at the window or meows loudly to get my attention. He’ll give up after a few minutes and go on to something else.

This morning was no exception. He was up and traipsing through the place, coming back to check on me and see if I would play. Now, because he loves it, I have strategically placed one of his favorite blankets, with the furry side up, between me and the wall on the bed. He has a favorite toy and will pace back and forth, kneading that blanket while he holds the toy in his mouth. I just accept him for who he is. He will do it when he needs to relax and calm down.

I turned over to face the wall and he jumped up on the bed. I thought he was just heading for his kneading / pacing routine when … he didn’t. He was standing there and moving erratically. I opened one eye and in a split second (wait for it … oh my goodness), I saw a little furry mouse skitter across the white furry blanket to the back wall, looking for any escape from the cat. TB ran after it, but it had made its way to the floor and away from little Mr. Hunter Cat.

As I waited to see what would happen next, my mind told me it was time to laugh uproariously because of the number of friends I have who would have left the entire house at that point, screaming and flailing about wildly. I’ve gotten so accustomed to weird stuff happening to me up here, that when TB dashed off the other end of the bed to chase the mouse again, I actually just went back to sleep.

When I woke up again an hour later (because by then it was really time for a potty break), I was laughing so hard on the way to the bathroom that I barely didn’t make it. Who else do I know that would fall back to sleep after that? Not many of you, that’s for sure! But it barely even phased me.

My little snugglebutt brought me a gift to help me get well. It wasn’t his fault that the gift got away and I was unable to appreciate it fully. He’s a good boy.


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