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Year Two Winners!

Winners!Well, THAT was fun. The contest had well over 250 entries from both the website and the FB page.

Since I have to type each name individually into a list (because FB is not so helpful with this stuff), I got to see some great names for future stories! Yep … working on crazy stuff in my head all the time. It’s what I do.

Okay – here we go with fourteen winners of the 2014 / 1400 likes contest.

Sycamore House T-Shirts (2) 
Andrea M. Olson
Deb McIntyre Kampschnieder

Set of Books 1-3 (1)
Marcie Meeker

Book 8 – Through the Storm (6)
Sarah Studinski
Connie Kay Conrad Jobe
Angelia Schubert
Tanya Saucerman Braun
Barbara Walker
Susan Devine Solovera

Book 1 – All Roads Lead Home (2)
Bonnie Stine
Elli Briggs Strukel

Tote Bag (2)
Michelle Knopp
Marbeth Carmack

Sycamore House Mug (1)
Melanie Pollnow McClure

Message me on Facebook or use the contact form on the website with your mailing address and I will get these things out to you. I need sizes for t-shirts (Small – 4X).

Today I want to finish writing a short story about Polly and Henry, I’m thinking through another REALLY short story for something fun this month and putting words down for Book 9. This is going to be a great year and I’m so glad you all are part of it! Happy New Year!


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