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Dreams of Dead Bodies

It always seems as if my brain becomes molasses-like mush when I don’t have a lot going on. At a time when when I should have plenty of free time to be creative and write awesome words, no … I lose all focus. Figures, eh?

As soon as I have deadlines on top of me and immense amounts of work to do, my brain cells all explode and start sending signals through every corner of my brain, uncovering stories and thoughts and other creative things. Makes a girl crazy.

Lesser Prince Cover 6x9 100 dpiI finished editing my brother’s newest book – Lesser Prince – this week. It’s available for pre-order right now on Amazon. What a great story – filled with magic, elves, gnomes, family, friends … oh and an adorable dragon. Check it out.

One thing that happens regularly when I’m actively involved with writing is intense dreams. I try not to be embarrassed about the fact that I incorporate Bellingwood and its characters into my dreams, because I just can’t help it.

The other night, I woke from a crazy dream and had to laugh. First of all, you have to know that my sister and I owned a quick printing business for 22 years, so I often dream of working with Carol. In this dream, she and I were getting ready to start another day of work. I walked past a large swimming pool and noticed that there was a body floating in the water. A dead body, of course. My reaction (in my dreams) was to walk past it and think to myself, “This is nothing new – I’m always finding bodies. I will deal with it as soon as we get the shop opened. Then I will call the Sheriff and he’ll come take care of it.”

Book 8 - 2 100 dpiWhen I first started writing, some of my friends and early readers wondered how I could possibly pull off having so many dead bodies in one small town in one small state. That’s the best part about fiction – sometimes things don’t have to make perfect sense.

Now, however, I do have to draw the line at dead bodies showing up on a regular basis in my dreams. I’m pretty sure I should react more aggressively to them. I wish I had paid more attention to the story line behind the death. I might have been able to use it in a future book.

Book 8 – Through the Storm – will be out the first week of December. Now I need to get back to work. It won’t edit itself.


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