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A Little Positivity on a Post-It Note

I watched a video / read an article about a girl in Alberta, Canada who responded to a rotten act of bullying with positive action. She covered lockers with uplifting messages on post-it notes. The thing is – it spread throughout the community.

Click HERE to watch this inspirational video (2:04 long).

That made me start thinking of all the things we need to hear on a regular basis. Even if it’s just a quick post-it note on a Facebook wall or a message or email. Sometimes we work so hard at something that should be effortless. Don’t over think this or create a committee or host a coffee or add frills to the idea. Just do it.

A simple post-it with simple words can make a difference.

I took fifteen minutes and wrote out fourteen post-its, took quick pictures and then cropped them down. They’re going to start showing up out there, every once in a while. Because the truth is, I think this world is filled with extraordinarily amazing people. Focusing on anything but those positive things in your lives is not worth my time and only damages both you and me. Seeing you through my eyes should be joyous and wondrous and that’s what makes me smile every day.

So … here goes. If you want to use any of these, go ahead. Steal ’em, share ’em, post ’em. Just click on the image and download it to your desktop, then put it anywhere you like!

I’m saving my post-its. Who knows where or when they’ll show up. Make your own. Fill the lives of people around you with a little bit of encouragement and happiness. Do them in real life, share them in your virtual life. When you’re annoyed with someone – post a little joy – it will help both of you.

And if you use hashtags as you share these – use #positivepostit.

You're Perfect    You're Beautiful   You're Amazing!

You're a Great Friend    You Rock!    You Mean the World to Me

You Are Unique    You are Strong and Wonderful    You are Special

You Are Loved    You Are Awesome    Today is Good Because of You

Sea of Mediocrity    Live Love Laugh    I'm Glad You're in My Life

I Love Your Smile   I Love You    Believe in Yourself


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