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Lighten Up, Diane!

LightenUpI’ve been looking back at some of my old blog posts from several (many) years ago. Yeah. I’ve been doing this for a while. I was hilarious. Well, I crack myself up – that’s all that counts, right?

THIS is one thing that Facebook has wrecked for me. I make random comments … sometimes … and then go no further. I’m telling ya, weird things are happening in my head and in my world all the time and I just ignore them because I don’t want to take the time to write them down.

Most of it is random stupidity, but you know what? I’ve forgotten a lot of the random stupidity that happened to me in the past and when I go back and re-read it, I’m thoroughly entertained.

No more uptight, old lady, ignoring the entertainment side of me because I don’t want to bore people or because I think people will not understand me or be offended by my entertaining self. It’s time to go back to the light-hearted insanity that prevailed for so long on my blogs.

I apologize for that which is about to happen, but you can always ignore it. It’s like turning the television off when you don’t like a show, or putting a book down when you don’t like the story, or ignoring those who don’t do what you think they should do. Please don’t click on the link to my blog if I bore you. It’s so stinking easy.

This afternoon, I’m waiting with bated (you know that is the right spelling, don’t you? Baited would be horrible! Worms, minnows, ooey stuff) breath for grand storms to hit. I’ve tucked the Jeep into the side of the cabin, brought in the one random plastic Adirondack chair so that the wind doesn’t slam it into something that means something to me, forced the cat to stay inside and locked the screen doors down. Which means that nothing will happen. I’m fine with that.

TB is tucked into my arms in front of the keyboard. He puts my left arm to sleep every time he does this, but I can’t bear to make him move, so it tingles a lot. Did you know that when that happens, you can make it better by moving your head and neck around? Uh huh. See, you’re learning something now, too!

My next new thing is to do better about taking pictures. Social media gurus tell me that I should be on Instagram. Uhhh … holy mackerel, it’s enough that I’m twittering, facebooking, pinning and blogging. I have to write the real stuff at some point in my day! I don’t take enough pictures to make Instagram a habit. I’ll be better, but not that much better.

Another random thought … I really wanted to type habit with two b’s. Not because I was making a mistake, but because it seemed like something I might want to do. In today’s grammar / spelling sensitive world, you don’t get to play with words. People get all uptight and look down their noses (if they aren’t all up in your face). I think about the wonderful way authors have played with words – creating them, making them interesting – in the past. I think I can come up with better words than twerk or selfie. Yes?

I prefer confussed to confused, bun-rab to bunny rabit (see what I did there?). I like adding syllables (emphasis on the second instead of the first – that’s how I said it in my head, thank you very much), and messing with endings. I combine words to make new words. It’s fun.

Yep, time to lighten up and play again. Here I go.


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