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Contest Time

GiveawayDon’t you love my adorable cat? Well, I do. He’s always around to help me out, even if it’s for nothing more than a little entertainment.

I have to tell you a little story (it’s what I do, remember?).

After finally getting Book 6 to Amazon Thursday night, and then promoting it and making sure loose ends were tidied up, I went to bed Saturday night thinking about the next items on my to-do list. One of those was a giveaway to build my friends on the Facebook Bellingwood page. We were at 691. It would be easy to hit 700 and give away a Sycamore House mug. Yeah!

I slept horribly Saturday night – no air conditioning, too many things spinning around in my mind. You name it – I had it and was up through most of the middle of the night. When TB and I finally fell asleep about 5 am, I was in no hurry to get up. And I didn’t.

I woke up at 10:45 and I had completely missed 700. There were now 711. As happy as I was to see the numbers increased, my OCD brain twisted a little bit, because I’ve faithfully been taking screen shots of the round numbers. (Someone stop me!)

Now I had to scurry to think through the promotion. I’d just deal with it and give the mug away (as well as a couple of books). By Sunday afternoon, and then Sunday evening, I was at 735. What in the world was happening? (I still have no idea, but I’m a grateful girl!)

This morning when I got up, the number was at 751. My goodness, I can make this giveaway even better and now there’s a new number with zeros at the end to shoot for.

So … if you head over to my Facebook page and like it and then like the post where I announce the giveaway (there’s the rub – that’s the only place you can enter), when we get to 800 friends on that page, I’ll announce winners, ship out books and mugs, and it will be a party! Or something.

Anyway, thank you for loving my books and hanging out in our little corner of the Facebook world. It’s fun over there. Not quite as much fun as it would be to hang out in Bellingwood with all of you, but we make do in the real world, don’t we!



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