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A Season of Change

Book 6 Cover test 5I’m excited  to announce that Book 6 in the Bellingwood series – A Season of Change – is finally available for the Kindle! The story is just beginning.

Change is a constant. Seasons change. People change. Life changes.

Polly Giller’s life has been filled with nothing but change since the day she decided to return to Iowa. As winter gives way to spring, it seems that more change is in the wind.

The future opening of Secret Woods Winery brings the return of three young superstars to Bellingwood. They left to make a fortune in the computer gaming world and came home to do something completely different. The winery’s lodge is being built just down the road from Sycamore Inn, an old strip hotel that Polly and her boyfriend, Henry Sturtz, are renovating. There are great changes in store for this little town in the middle of Iowa.

When someone is killed at the winery, the one person who is going to find the body … does. Polly can’t bear the thought of calling the Sheriff to tell him it’s happened again, but there’s nothing else she can do. The mystery of Sycamore House’s vandal deepens and Andrew Donovan introduces Polly to a new best friend. Both of these things threaten to change Polly’s life in extraordinary ways and it is all she can do to hang on for the ride.

Polly’s life is in flux, but her friends stick close. When everything changes, her relationships keep her steady. Now, more than ever, she experiences the truth of that maxim.


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