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Book Giveaway Contest

BookshelfDo you see that shelf of books right there? It offends me.

Not because those are my books, but because they didn’t all fit on the shelf. I just received an order of books because my supply was getting a little too low for comfort. When they arrived, I was so excited to put them where they belong and then … my heart sank. This was unacceptable.

I’ll bet you didn’t know I had that level of … umm … OCD (that’s a better word than the one most would use to describe my behavior). Well, I do. Books either fit on the shelf, or I buy new bookshelves. Stacking just makes things messy.

There is no room for more bookshelves here and since I have to look at this all the time, I decided that the best way to deal with it would be to give a complete set of books (all five that have been published so far) away to one person. That way these extraneous books can fill their shelf, rather than sit here taunting me.

I will choose one person from the entrants and ship signed copies of this set to you. First caveat? I’m so sorry, but I will only ship within the US.

Everyone should enter, even if you’ve read them all on your Kindle, or have already purchased the paperbacks. These would be a fun gift for someone who should visit Bellingwood, or maybe you would just love to have some more books for your own bookshelf.

How can you enter? Well, this is going to be posted to Facebook and that’s where the whole contest will happen. I’ll pin the post to the top of the Facebook page and all you have to do is “LIKE” that post. I’d love for you to have already liked the Facebook page, but I won’t get picky about that. Actually, you might want to like the page so you’ll know if your name is chosen! Just go there, like the post, and your name will be entered to win. Go ahead, share it on your own Facebook walls … get your friends to play along.

If you are one of those crazy (and wonderful) people who is reading this and doesn’t have a Facebook account, reply to this post and I’ll make sure you are entered, because I love all my readers!

There’s a deadline. Midnight (Central time) Thursday, April 3. I will announce the winner on Friday and wait with bated breath for them to email me with their mailing information.

I really do love you guys.


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