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Paper Boxes

I love paper. I come by it honestly, my mother was an addict and taught me at a young age to love the stuff.  Mom kept Carol and me quiet by giving us a package of paper and sending us off to play. Fashionable purses and other fun things were created at the table. We played school and when Mom got involved, our creative minds exploded. She drew extraordinary paper dolls for us and from there we designed glorious clothes for those beautiful dolls.

A piece of paper meant a bigger world for me.

Owning a print shop made paper available on a large scale and let me tell you, after twenty years of having any paper at my finger tips, I was spoiled. But in the business of having paper around every day, I’d lost my joy at simple things. Now that I must hand over cash in order to have paper in my drawers again, it means more to me.

I don’t suppose I meant to get all philosophical. Really all I wanted to do was tell you how much fun I had making a little box this morning.

Paper boxesI made two of these so that I could have a lid as well. The bottom of the box is made from a 6″ square piece of cardstock and then I cut a 6.25″ square for the top. It was fun and it took me back about forty years to a time when a little pile of paper meant an afternoon of creative exploration. Oh, what I could have done with a Fiskars paper cutter back in those days!

Here are the directions – they get a little over-the-top detailed at the end, but all in all, a great little project and an opportunity for me to make a gift box or several this Christmas. I think the next time I make this, I’m going to print a Christmas pattern onto the paper, bring out the box of crayons and lose myself in the absolute joy of it!


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