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Happy Thanksgiving


We’re watching a little football, smelling some turkey in the oven, doing laundry, looking at Christmas gifts to be given away this year, talking about all sorts of things and being as relaxed a s can possibly happen. There’s gravy to be made, beans and potatoes to be warmed up when the time is right and desserts defrosting (from living in the outdoor freezer – my Jeep). It’s a day to give thanks, a day to stop and walk away from the busyness of our daily lives and simply be.

I read something this morning about our need to create the perfect Thanksgiving and how we are so easily disappointed when we don’t create perfect memories or perfect turkeys or perfect desserts.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with my share of the need for perfect meals and I’ve found the some of the most amazing memories are those when the need for memories and perfection were the last thing we thought about.

There was a year that Max and I were driving to Ohio on Thanksgiving day. We ended up in Davenport at a Bishop’s Buffet, praying and hoping they were open. They were and we had a wonderful meal before continuing our drive to be with his family. They’d scheduled Thanksgiving on Friday so everyone could be together, but a short stop in Davenport was a memory.

The year that my cousin Jane was in the hospital here in Omaha, living her last month was a memory. Though it should have been painful, that day was a joy. Jane’s husband, our Aunt Dorie and I spent the day with her, but she insisted we take off and look for a good meal. We ended up at a steak place and the three of us laughed and reminisced and relaxed.

The Thanksgiving after my mother died; Dad, Carol and I went out to my brother’s apartment in Denver. Janet and I cooked the meal, Jim and Dad cleaned up and Carol managed to sleep during both the cooking and the cleanup. We laughed and laughed, just glad to be together.

This year may not stick in my mind as a profound memory, nothing is terribly exciting, but that is almost perfect. Trying to create memories is exhausting. Having them occur because they just do is pretty wonderful.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to you. May the day be whatever it is and may you find gratitude in it, no matter what it brings.


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