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Cat in the Snow

I tried to come up with something terribly profound to write today, but as my day has proceeded, I’ve discovered that deep and thoughtful words are escaping me. It might have something to do with the fact the my cat has been cooped up in this small space with me for the last few days because of inclement weather.

Notice I didn’t say that I had been cooped up. I don’t mind spending time in the quiet, away from the world, but TB? I get a little bit of loving and then he is rabid to get outside and see what’s happening in the world. He hates not knowing what is going on. Curiosity killed the cat? Well, I hope not, but let me tell you, it certainly keeps him moving during the day. Early in the morning – as soon as there is enough light to see, he is standing on his cat tree in front of the window, pawing at the glass. I don’t know what he thinks is going to happen. The glass has resisted his pawing for quite a long time and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

He’ll paw at the front window when I’m up and moving, hoping to remind me that he prefers having access to the outside.

TB - WarmEvery once in a while, he’ll curl up on his blanket on the stool beside my desk and turn into cute cat, all fuzzy and happy with the warmth my space heater affords him. Those are the moments I treasure and love. They don’t happen often enough unless he’s had plenty of activity outside to wear his little butt out.

I have been dreading the winter weather. I know he needs a lot of activity, but it nearly kills me to let him be outside. I’ll open the main door to the screened in porch sometimes, but that’s not enough. However, I’m enough of an overprotective cat mama, that I will choose to suffer his beatings rather than let him go out.

Kitty PrintsThere was finally enough sun today for me to relent. I walked outside with him and he tentatively put his paws into the snow. He wasn’t a fan, but I’m sure he’ll get over that as the winter progresses. He jumped to the first snow-free space and I left the doors open. He’s got a pretty good sense of self-protection and will come in when he’s cold. As I put ingredients in the bread machine, I looked up and saw that the snow on my windshield had been completely cat-messed-up. AWESOME. The true sign of a cat owner. It’s a bit of a point of pride for me, I have to tell you.

Cat under JeepI grabbed my camera and went outside, to find him sitting on the concrete in front of the door. He was just enjoying the potential of the day, not necessarily the reality of it. Close enough to get inside if necessary, but still … outside. He was glad to see me and followed me while I snapped a picture, then followed me back inside. Another run for the outside and I quietly followed, hoping to snap more pictures. Well, he’s got ears like a … well, like a cat and all I could do was catch one of him under the Jeep (notice there is no snow there – happy cat) before he followed me back in again.

He’s out now and the sun is thinking about going down in the west. I’ll chase him down one more time and close the front screen door so I can quit worrying about how cold he’s going to be. The crazy cat loves being out there, no matter what. He has been building his undercoat so that he’s more protected than I am against the cold. I have to remember that he’s a cat, not a human and let him be himself. The problem is, I can’t help but be myself.

Oh look, he just came in for some kibble. Little does he know that signifies a quick trip for me to shut the screen door. He can play on the front porch for a while before it gets cold again. And then, I’ll suffer the bratty cat and bring out the laser pointer.

You know what? Life is pretty good with a cat in the house.


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