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First snow

Snow 1It seems like just yesterday I still saw a few crops in the fields. Farmers have been working diligently to finish harvest and prepare for winter. This morning when I woke up and saw snow hanging off the trees outside my window, I smiled. It’s finally here. I’m really not ready for it to be here, but as in most cases, what I want makes no difference. When Mother Nature decides to have her way, there is no human on earth that can stop her.

Snow 2Poor TB. I dashed out of bed, grabbed my camera and went outside, shutting the door behind me. He sat on the table behind the window, wondering why he was being excluded from the fun. I guess I’m just not ready to expose his little paws to snow yet. I know that he’ll make me do it soon, but not today. Not yet.

I looked up the lane to the road, it was filling with white stuff. I decided that all of that snow meant that I could go nowhere today. I was just going to have to be stuck inside with my words and my cat.

Snow 3Words are flowing as fast as the snowflakes these days. That absolutely thrills me. I have so many things I want to write and sometimes I feel a sense of panic when I realize there aren’t enough minutes in my life to get everything written down. I am my father’s daughter and despise wasting time, but sometimes when I find myself at the end of the day not having completed as many things as I think I should have finished, I feel immense frustration.

Snow 4Dad was never much for sitting around. I don’t have his penchant for finding things for people to do … my sister got that one, but I have learned to feel guilty if I’m not steadily working away at a task. The one thing he never minded was seeing us read. If we were sitting still and reading, that was a perfectly appropriate way to spend time. In fact, he generally joined us.

Today I’ve been given a gift. I’m not ready to call the snow a gift. Personally I think that Mother Nature lost her sense of time. It’s too early for me, but since she pays no attention to my whims and desires, I’ll take the chilly, blustery, snowy day inside with my cat and use it to write some words, maybe wash some dishes, dream a few dreams and snuggle the cat. At the end of the day I look forward to laying my head on the pillow, reading a book and feeling like I’ve done all I could to make it be great. There might be a sneaky, little hope for tomorrow that the temperature rises and the snow melts, because I’m really not ready for snow yet.


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