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Roses … A Diversion from Writing

Roses 1Well, THAT was fun.

I landed on THIS article last week and thought it might be fun to try something I’d never tried before. I had everything necessary except some white floral tape and that was easy enough to come by.

Most of the morning was spent cutting petals out of coffee filters. I really need some new scissors … that was annoying. But, I finally got three roses assembled. The first one was a little wacky and took forever … I had to spend a few minutes attempting to figure out the best way to make it happen over and over again.

The article has a link to a pattern for petals from Martha Stewart’s site. You simply trace the pattern onto the coffee filter and then cut little white petals out. Then … YAY … I even found really old white cotton bedsheets. I ripped one of those into strips so I could wrap the wooden skewers.

My next difficult task was to brew a pot of coffee. Oh, wait. There are plenty of filters and I love to drink the stuff … not so difficult after all. And since I keep the place at a temperate 59 degrees inside, dipping flowers and cotton strips into relatively warm coffee was a great idea.

Roses 2I sprinkled cinnamon on the wet flowers for added depth and spread out the petals a bit, separating the wet pieces of filter. Everything was laid out on a piece of tin foil and then placed on a cookie sheet and into a 350 degree oven for fifteen minutes. Perfectly dried and ready to finish.

I curled some of the outer tips of the petals, then attached the roses to the skewers, spread a little glue down the wood and wrapped it in a thin strip of the coffee-colored cotton. Gorgeous!

Roses 3The next thing I’m going to attempt is coloring these with some of the Crystal Light flavors I have here. I’m not sure what I’ll use in place of the cinnamon, but I suspect I’ll find something.

This was fun … and gave me some time to process on my next chapter in Polly’s book. That’s a good thing … I have a lot more to write! Things seem to be getting a little insane at Sycamore House and Polly has no idea why.


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