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It’s Good For You

I have a very annoyed cat today. He was fine up until about a half hour ago, because … well, he’s an afternoon / evening type of a cat. TB desperately wants me to open the front door and let him go outside, but it is forty-three degrees and rainy outside and I don’t think he’ll be happy at all. No, I take that back. I don’t want him to be out in this mess. I don’t know what I’m going to be like when the snow starts falling out of the sky (read: later on as the temperature falls).

110413 TB making a messWhen he is annoyed with me, he starts doing things he knows he shouldn’t do, simply to get my attention. The first place he attacks is this bookshelf. You wouldn’t know it right now, but the thing is generally quite organized and full. TB believes everything should be on the floor. Not because he has a thing about stuff on the floor, but because he knows it annoys me.

You wanna know what I do? I let it sit there because that annoys him. As long as there isn’t anyone around to see that little bit of mess, I take it for as long as possible because little boy gets frustrated with having nothing else to disrupt.

I’m mean that way.


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