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Graduation Day

I finished the last class for my Master’s degree last June and called it good. They sent me a diploma and I was very happy with that. The road had been long and interesting, but it was finally finished.

However, you know those friends who are a little nutty and you can’t believe how fortunate you are to have them in your life? Well, I have a million of them, but today I want to tell you about one I met online while taking classes. Right in the middle of one of THE most miserable courses I took, I discovered a kindred spirit. The crazy thing is that we had odd things in common. Both of us were Iowa girls, both of us had spent a great deal of time at Asbury and moved on to finish our degrees at GCU and we really just fell in love – you know – the way girls do when we meet fabulous friends. We took care of each other through that class, offering lots of encouragement, when what we both truly wanted to do was drive to Chicago and strangle a professor.

I chose NOT to go to Arizona to walk across the stage and receive a diploma, but Kim’s husband wouldn’t let her get away with that. So, they made the trip. Yeah, Kim. Great pictures of her on campus and in her cap and gown, getting her diploma. Awesome.

Then, she emailed me when she got back home and said she was sending a package to me. Honestly, I figured she had discovered the professor we wanted to strangle and gotten a good picture.

This afternoon I got to the post office and picked up the package. Imagine my incredible laughter and surprise when I opened it and found Kim’s cap, gown, diploma holder and program from the graduation ceremony with instructions for me to put it on and take some pictures. Who does something like this?  Well, my friends do things like this all the time. They blow me away with their generous spirits.

So … as much as I despise taking photographs of myself and even though I had to use the webcam to do this because I take horrible selfies … here are some pictures that I shot this afternoon before boxing the items back up for return. Kim Bachman, you are a treasure!

Graduation 2
We’ll call this my professorial teacher look.
Graduation 1
Why did she make me take pictures of myself?
Graduation 3
Hiding behind the diploma … wait … that’s what some of those professors do.
Graduation 4 - Program
Yep, that’s me – in the program
Graduation 5 - cap, diploma, gown
Thank you, Kim, for sending these things to me. What a fun gift!



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