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It’s a Rainy Day

I love the sound of rain and sometimes even the rumblings of thunder. I’m not quite as excited about lightning and huge claps of thunder, they always make me jump. The cat has curled up on a blanket under my feet. Since there is another blanket wrapped around my legs, this gives him a nice quiet space to hide.

TB Under DeskThe problem with this is that I need to get moving and do a few things today, the most important of which do not keep me working at my desk. I just hate having to disturb him when he gets all comfortable. I’ll do what I have to do, though … it will just take longer than I think it should.

I discovered that he also likes to get my attention by sitting on my mouse. No one can tell me that cats aren’t smart. He knows what causes me to pay attention to him and he knows when my attention is elsewhere.

TB on Mouse

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I need to get moving, but look at me, I’ve found a way to stay at my desk and snuggle with my silly cat a little bit longer. I’ve given you cute TB pictures and waxed poetic about his behavior.

I think I’ve exhausted my excuses and it’s time to go. Sorry, TB.


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