Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools


There are so many things to tell you and one thing that I never seem to run out of is … well … words.

The site is now the home of my Bellingwood series, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had the opportunity to do. I can’t believe that my job is to write books! I’ve wanted this since I was a kid, but never assumed it would happen.

When I’m writing, I spend a lot of time hiding out with my cat. He doesn’t seem to need much more than I can offer if my head is down in a story line. In fact, most of the time, TB wants less than I do. But, I’ve learned to write with him curled up in my arms on the desk.

I’m not terribly witty or snarky or odd or anything that would set me apart from everyone else. I’m fairly normal, but I love to observe the world and I love to learn and then tell others what I’ve learned. So … welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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