Welcome, Morning!

Grey on the left and Earl.

We’re all friends here, right?

I had all sorts of good intentions yesterday. There is so much to do before the newsletter comes out on Tuesday morning (have you signed up for it yet?). I wanted to hang out with people on the FB page and talk about their cute fur-beasts. I even had a wonderful supper in the plans.

But instead, I dealt with the worst bout of food poisoning I’ve had in twenty-five years. Oh good heavens! Things were happening here that have no place on the planet we lovingly call home. From Stygian depths came explosions of horrors.

I can laugh about it this morning. Though I’m not quite one hundred percent, I’m so much better.

My poor cats didn’t quite know what to do. TB ended up hiding. He tried to hang with me and be supportive, but terrible noises and foul emanations scared him away. Earl was just plain shocked. Fortunately, Grey stuck close as I moved from the bed to the bathroom.

Let’s not repeat any of that … ever again.

The last time something this awful happened was at least twenty-five years ago. Carol and I both got it and chased each other in and out of our adjoining bathroom.

The time before that had been 1984. The reason I remember the year was because Mom, Carol and I were in Minneapolis to begin training for our brand-new franchise print shop. On the trip up, that fateful Sunday evening, Mom and I ate some bad potato salad at a buffet and the two of us moaned, cried and delivered ugliness all night long. Before training even began, we had to postpone a day because we couldn’t remain upright for longer than it took to get into the bathroom.

About one thirty this morning, the worst of it was finally over, though I ached. Carol had made me promise to call her if I needed her, no matter the hour. I just sent a message that I lived.

Little by little, I returned the house to some sort of normal – putting things back that had been strewn around in my thunky travails. The poor cats needed food and water, so I took care of them. However, though I lamented the fact that I was going to be sorry, I didn’t get my cold-brew coffee made. We’re going to hope that it hurries this morning.

I’m pretty sure I know what caused it, but trust me when I tell you that everything in that refrigerator is suspect. I have an iron stomach and food never takes me out that badly.

We all have stories about these awful moments in our lives. I hope you’re able to laugh about yours. What’s the worst case of food poisoning you’ve ever experienced?

Mom and I were terribly embarrassed to tell the people at our printshop corporate offices that we couldn’t come in that first day of training. Did food poisoning ever embarrass you?

Come on … we’re all friends here, right?

38 thoughts on “Welcome, Morning!

  1. Margaret

    You poor thing! I’ve only had food poisoning once but it left an indelible impression on me, I have been extra careful about BBQ food ever since! Glad to hear you’re getting back to good health now – bet the fluffs are too!

    We had to let our gorgeous marmalade puss go to relatives when we moved to Hong Kong – couldn’t bring ourselves to ask for her back on return to UK! Since then no pets have shared our lives, just in case we moved again. Now we rely on ‘borrowing ‘ our daughter’s Labrador!

    Getting ready now for our holiday to Egypt in 2 weeks – why is that time goes slowly until 2 weeks before an event then speeds up drastically?

    Stay well
    Margaret x

    1. nammynools Post author

      The fluffs are very glad to have me back to normal … you know … paying attention to all of their needs! Haha.

      A trip to Egypt? What fun! I hope you have a glorious time.

  2. Fran Neff

    Oh you poor thing! Yeppers we’ve all had it and it is ever so miserable! I’m glad you’re feeling better friend and that that nasty food poisoning has left you. Please clean out your fridge and start over again.
    I remember a day at the summer arts festival that was pretty miserable and Porta potty’s when you’re sick or just not fun! LOL
    Hang in there love!

  3. Gail

    What an experience to hopefully never repeat! I wish I could say that I do not have a food poisoning story to share but unfortunately I have two such stories that will never be forgotten. The first is when I was in college back in the mid 70’s. I was in a business club at college and we took a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul to visit businesses and take their tours. At the end of the first day we stopped at Arby’s to eat and something I ate did not sit right with me so I was very ill the rest of that day, all night and managed to last the long bus trip home the next morning but it was awful! The second time was on our 5th anniversary and we had gone to the nicest restaurant around where we lived to celebrate with a nice dinner. I had crab and shrimp stuffed scallops which came back to haunt me about 5 hours later. Seventeen years later and I still can not eat crab and scallops. I have managed to eat shrimp from time to time but sparingly.

    1. nammynools Post author

      I think that’s the worst of it. Whatever it was that caused the problem will never be part of the menu again! Egads. Hahaha.

  4. Kathy Kreipe

    Christmas morning, about 12 years ago. Had been to two Christmas Eve open houses and was to join my daughter’s fiance’s family for their years old traditional Christmas Brunch. My trips to the bathroom began about 6:30 am and continued sporadically through the morning. Not even lemon lime soda or ginger ale stayed down until late afternoon and the odoriferous outpourings of the other end finally stopped by bed time. The Corgis just stayed out my way between bed and bath and they were usually my shadows everywhere! My daughter’s future inlaws sent a lovely plate from their brunch to me that I did enjoy the next day.

  5. Jo Anne

    Went to a funeral and it lasted a litlle longer than expected and the food sat out a little to long. The
    au gratin potatoes went au rotten. We all go into work on Monday stating how sick we all were and finally put two and two together. That was my one and only case but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I really thought dying was a better option. To this day I don’t eat anything from Hy Vee.

  6. Vicki

    My only food poisoning story is from when I was a child. I don’t remember it as well as my parents. The are the ones that had to clean up after me. Unfortunately for them, I had vomited on my pink shag carpet in my bedroom. Mom said it was the worse not only for cleaning but the smell! Her and dad had to tag team to get it cleaned up….

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh thank you … That’s so danged sweet. Thank you!

      Truth be told, I always build a couple of extra days into my schedule for most things. I like deadlines, but I like beating them by a mile even better. So … I’m good right now. But, love you!

  7. Michelle

    Glad you are feeling better! My worst experience was not mine but one of my darling daughters. Who knew that white beans, if not brought up to a proper temperature while cooking, could be so onerous!! She (and her 5 children) were one huge mess until it was cleared from their systems!!! Some of the kids STILL won’t eat white beans!!!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Egads … and I wouldn’t either. EVER! Five children and the mama? That’s a miserable household.

  8. Diane Wendt

    About 55 years ago, when I was in high school, we drove west for our annual family vacation. I remember having some cherry pie for breakfast. We were on vacation so I was indulged. Then we headed for the Corn Palace (South Dakota, I think) to spend the morning before moving on. I can remember being it a bathroom there and being very, very sick. As I started sinking towards the floor, fainting, I thought “at least when I wake up I’ll be in the hospital and they’ll make this stop”. However, when I became aware of my surroundings again, I was in a motel room bathroom, being sick again. We had to stay there an extra two days, but I never got to ask why mice and other critters didn’t eat all of the corn. I still wonder.

    1. nammynools Post author

      The worst of that would be the red coming back up. Oh, and not getting your questions answered! Haha.

  9. judy

    Who would want to share stories of the grossness of food poisoning? –Sounds like a bad idea to me 😛
    I’ve heard it defined as feeling like you’re going to die and wishing you would, just to be done with it!

  10. Ellen Johnson

    Yep! Culprit was egg salad sandwich for lunch from very reputable sandwich shop. Returned to desk after lunch, and within minutes I started getting the shakes. Had to leave work and navigate 11 miles home. Stayed off the interstate “just in case” I had to stop quickly. I had 3 stops … hate that I left a mess in a grocery store’s parking lot, at a drugstore and an empty lot. UGH!!! Miserable day and night. That was at least 20 years ago and I still can’t look at egg salad. Hope you get back to 100% soon. Remember to hydrate. Ciao

    1. nammynools Post author

      Heh. First thing my sister said to me last night – I love it. I’m drinking water as fast as I can. But, seriously? You poor thing! And after twenty years, the memory of that horror is still there. Haha.

  11. Louise Morgan

    I have no memory of having food poisoning however, my tummy doesn’t like to many things I put in it since I have been on Keytruda…only thing I seem to eat with no problem is mushroom soup which is the strangest thing…but at least I can eat something…

  12. Constance McKnight

    On the last night of a 2 week trip in Thailand we ate dinner at what we were told was a “clean restaurant “. My husband and I actually split an entree and I think he drank a coke and I had a fresh limeade. Within a couple of hours I was feeling bad, he wasn’t sick at all and we had had a two hour bus ride to the airport. I have never been so sick. I was so thankful for an aisle seat on that almost 18 hour trip with 2 plane changes! I also couldn’t let anyone official suspect that I was sick and decide to quarantine me!!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh the horrors! First of all – being sick in an airplane? NO! But then feeling like you had to hide it? Another no …

  13. Bev Allen

    Wow, Diane! Not good! My worst experience, was just a few months ago. I had a colonoscopy so was having clear liquids. The chicken broth looked suspect! I only took a sip but I was in bad shape on both ends at the same time. The worst ever! I had to postpone my colonoscopy a day and at that couldn’t keep the prep down. The dr wanted to postpone but I wasn’t going through that all again. I knew I was well cleaned out and that was a fact!! I know the kitties were shocked! Glad it is over for both of us!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh, Bev. And looking forward to a colonoscopy is bad enough in and of itself. Yes … glad to be on this side of things.

  14. Jennie Hillyard

    Try having an undiagnosed food intolerance and having this reaction to food a couple of times a week….. I’ve now discovered that it was onion and garlic upsetting me so badly and things are now more settled but it was an awful couple of years! With lots of embarrassing moments.

  15. Donna Prosnansky

    You poor thing!! So glad to know you are doing better now.

    I had food poisoning in college. I had gone shopping at the mall and picked up at fruit smoothie that had me doubled over later that night. OMG the pain, lol!!! I was sick all night, and almost had our floor’s resident assistant take me to the hospital.

    I missed one great big huge case that hit the campus one time, as i refused to eat anything I saw in the cafeteria that evening and ordered pizza delivery instead. Thank goodness I did. Everyone that ate the ham dinner that night came down with food poisoning that lasted anywhere from 2 days to a week later. Of course, the school admins said it was the “flu”, but funny how it only affected those that ate the ham, lol. Those of us who were healthy were running food trays back and forth for our roomies for days.

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh my gosh! That entire story had me cringing and giggling. Because really … when you’re on the other side of it, it’s unbelievable how awful it was, but how ridiculous the whole thing is.

  16. Chris Adam

    Ohhhh… I’m sorry.
    I feel your pain. So glad it’s over!!
    My worst food poisoning experience, maybe my only. The very last night of our second trip to Germany. Yes, it was in Bremenhaven I think. We’d spent the day of course sightseeing. Topped the day off at very quaint restaurant. I don’t want to remember what I had. It happened just as we hit the autobahn. Oh my, at 150klm well maybe it was 150mph, what ever it was, was nightmarishly fast but nightmarishly slow!
    We made it to a rest stop. I made it to the toilette. Then back to our host’s home, where it also hit him… a miserable night and flights the next day. My husband and our hostess did not have the same sauce on their dishes, and thankfully were fine.
    Ah yes… don’t really want those memories much.

    1. nammynools Post author

      The funniest thing (okay, not so funny), is that you would have let those memories pass into a sweet, nice place in your brain. But with the onset of horrific … well … horrors, you will never ever forget that trip on the autobahn! 🙂

      1. Chris Adam

        Truly, all I remember of that trip on the autobahn, was the speedometer as I peeked over the driver’s shoulder and I think the blurr of what ever it was we were passing. That and the extreme relief of having made it…

  17. Pat Wilson

    I really must have an iron stomach. I have eaten food and drank water in china, Mexico and several other places I was warned not to and never had a problem. UNLESS there is red dye 40 in it, then look out! I am so allergic to it I want to die. I was in Santa Barbara visiting friends and we went to a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t think I had eaten anything red until I thought my head was going to explode with pain. It wouldn’t stop so my husband had to fly down and drive me home. It took almost two weeks for the last of it get out of my system. I love Chinese food but boy am I careful.

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