Something Fun – Journals!

Earl is helping me.

In Saturday morning’s email newsletter, I introduced you to a new product I’ve created – Journals. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a long time (outside of writing Polly’s stories).

You see, I absolutely believe in the power of the written word. It anchors moments in time, reveals stories that might go untold, allows exploration of thoughts and ideas. If all we ever do is think or speak – those words are ephemeral. Heh, now sometimes, that’s probably a good idea.

To begin this new venture, I’ve created three different journals. The first is titled Capture Your Memories. Yeah. That’s a bit of a spinoff from Bellingwood Books 15 and 16. I can steal from myself – right? There is plenty of room for you to jot down a few notes each day. My tendency is to do a quick re-cap every evening, just so I don’t lose track of the day’s activities. I’ve also included empty pages for you to write out bigger memories or even scrapbook some of the things you’ve done.

Cat butt! (Still curious Earl)

The second journal – Books are Life – is a new venture for me. Rather than consuming a book and setting it aside, I’m going to actually write down thoughts about what I read. It might not happen for every book I go through, but I intend to fill one journal this year. That’s fifty-five books that I will have read, at the very least. Not only will I have read them, but I will also have a synopsis and more information at hand about them. My impressions, my memories.

The third journal – Find Joy – is probably my favorite. I don’t know if even I have enough words to describe the incredible power of a grateful life. In this journal, you are asked to write out five things each day that you are thankful for. On the facing page, you will find two questions that can be used to trigger memories or bigger thoughts about gratitude.

All of these journals come filled with inspirational quotations and beautiful pictures that Max has shot through the years. If you’re paying attention, you’ll discover that the cover of each journal is made up of photographs that are printed within.

These are the same dimensions as a standard paperback – 6×9 – and about 1/2″ thick with 150 pages of terrific paper for you to fill up with thoughts, doodles, sketches, scraps of life and more words.



Now that you’ve read this far, let’s do a giveaway. I’ve brought copies of these journals in and while I look forward to selling them down the road, we can start with a giveaway. The best place to respond to this is in a comment on the FB Bellingwood page post of this blog (not an independent post on the page). If you aren’t on FB, you can leave a comment here.

Tell me in words or a picture what you are thankful for today. You have until Tuesday (2/28) at midnight to do so.

On Wednesday, March 1 (you know me, it will be the afternoon), I will choose five winners to receive their choice of two journals. If you want two of the same so you can give one away, perfect. If you want two separate journals for yourself, that’s awesome.


These journals are for sale on Amazon – start from this page for links to Amazon. Due to postage costs, I can’t save you much money by sending them out from here, but I will sell signed journals for $9.50 each, including shipping.  If you’d like to order a journal from me, send a message on FB or use the contact form on the website. You can also simply put a check and a note in the mail (as to what you’re ordering) to Diane Muir, PO Box 441, Stratford, IA 50249.

12 thoughts on “Something Fun – Journals!

  1. JoyT.

    Thankful today for my health and being able to do necessary things to keep myself and husband taken care of in our home. Last year at 80, finally realizing I am slowing down. Glad of good family genes.

  2. Sherrie Casper

    I am thankful that I live in a small community that everyone cares for each other and drop whatever they are doing to help a neighbor. Also my blood family and my church family.

  3. Bonnie Boyles

    I’m thankful for my amazing husband who is also my pastor, my soul mate, best friend and yep, lover boy. God brought us together and I am so very blessed.

  4. Elizabeth Anthony

    I am thankful that my husband is alive! 7 years ago he tried to take his own life. Through Gods grace he is still here and living life the best he can. The last 7 years have been a long and arduous journey for both of us, but we have grown stronger. Today is his 54th birthday and he told me ” I have been doing some math, I was 27 I met you and I am 54 today, I have been with the women I love for half my life. Let’s see what the next half brings”. We both strive everyday to be better people. I am Thankful!

  5. Judy

    I’m thankful that my son Joshua who has a serious illness, is still fighting a good fight and with us one more day!

  6. Janice Brignoi

    I am thankful for journals. My mom passed away at age 97. She kept journals and we were able to read about events in her life that we were not aware of. I love the idea that you have for us to capture moments in our lives to share with our family.

  7. Kay Pflueger

    I am thankful for my son who is a man of humility and of service. Just yesterday he took off his shoes and socks and put them on the feet of a homeless man who was walking barefoot in the rain.

  8. Eva

    I am so thankful for my sister-in-law Esther who also is my best friend. Even though we live 2300 miles apart and she is in the last few days of her life, I will always be so thankful for over 50 years of love and support, not just for me but for what she means to my kids.

  9. Margaret Sexton

    I am thankful everyday when I open my eyes, I am warm, healthy, and I have a home. My home is alive with my family, two cats and three dogs. I live in one of the prettiest places, with room to run, to hike, to breathe. Freedom. Picking one thing would be difficult, since everything is intertwined, mingled. I am thankful for my life filled family, friends, for being loved for me. Your journals are beautifully done. Congratulations

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