Send lawyers, gu … nah, I’ve got this.

First off … don’t any of you feel sorry for me or try to pat me on the head and tell me how to fix things. I’m fine. Seriously – take this with the grain of salt that I’m typing it. Laugh a little, tell me how bad you’ve got it. All of that is fine, but no advice or sympathy. I’m a big girl.

You know, the truth is – any post that I put out in public is generally for humor’s sake or just general information. If things are falling apart in my life, the only people who will know are my family and closest friends. It’s not really for public consumption. Each of you have your own things to deal with and no matter how much you care for me, the last thing you need is someone else to worry about. So … there’s that.

Wow, already with the ranting, Diane. Get on with it.

So … I just got back from a trip to the bathroom. The bathroom, the shower, and just as I fall asleep. What do they have in common? My best thinking happens then. (TMI? Hah. Sorry ’bout that.)

Anyway, as I walked over there, thinking about my next two weeks, THIS is the song that came into my mind. Why? Oh heck, who knows.

I thought about just posting it on FB with the comment that instead, send M&Ms, food, and coffee. But then I realized that some of you would do just that and it’s not necessary. (Insert riotous laughter here.)

Amazon Subscribe and Save has M&Ms now. Every month, a stash hits my front door. And as for food, I’ve signed up with Home Chef and the best food ever arrives each Wednesday. Max gave me fabulous coffee for Christmas, so I’m set.

You could send cards of encouragement and I wouldn’t hate that, but then there’s the whole getting to the post office. Which means I have to leave the house. My workaholic brain fights me for time. I tell it that I need fresh air and to see people – even if it’s my postmistress and the chickadees at the grocery store. Oh … and all of the farmers who give me the farmer wave on the road between here and town. No matter what I say, my brain reminds me that I need to stay busy, there’s no time and too much to do.

Where did this last month and a half go? There’s a deadline looming.

Believe it or not, I need to have Book 17 written by the end of next weekend – July 18 / 19 (I’m totally leaving this error in here, because it’s hilarious – July? Good heavens, I’m out of control!) It’s totally do-able, I just need to focus. Then I use a week to edit the biggest errors before sending it off to my team of proofreaders and editors (thank you, I have plenty right now). Now, crazy Diane set up her schedule so that I also have a newsletter to produce during the week that I’m editing. And a cover + title to create for the book (for the newsletter), too. And at least one, but maybe two vignettes. All of that has to happen by the 24th of February.

This month, I’ve also got a really fun new product for you. I’m still in the midst of design and creation, but it will be announced in the February 25th newsletter. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve come up with. You’re going to love it! Stinking love it! Seriously – like love it! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but some of you are going to love it! (Insert more laughter here, please.)

Sound like I’m whining yet? Please know that I’m not. It’s the best life a girl could ask for, but I’m still curious as to how I’ve arrived at February 11th and still feel as if I should be in the middle of January.

TB is usually the one tucked in front of me while I write. He’s so cute when he’s asleep.

The next two weeks are going to be insane in Diane’s world. I’ve pretty much decided, though, that’s par for the course. I must like it that way since it happens so regularly. How can I complain when I get to live my dream and I have such wonderful friends like you in my life … and then these three cats. As I’m typing, TB is sleeping on a blanket on top of the printer/scanner beside me, Grey is sound asleep to the left of me and Earl is curled up in front of me. My arms are wrapped around him as I type on the keyboard. He’s a little ball of warm fluff.

No lawyers, guns or money and no M&Ms, food or coffee. I’ve all I need and so much more.

… unless you can send me back in time about a month. That would be cool. Who wants to work on that for me?

13 thoughts on “Send lawyers, gu … nah, I’ve got this.

  1. Michelle

    Yay!!!! I’m so happy you are liking the Home Chef!!! I’m still loving it. Makes me feel all “Chef-fy “! The best!!!

    1. nammynools Post author

      I just wish I’d known back then to sign up from your email address so you could have gotten a credit from me. THANK YOU! You have saved my whole world in so many ways.

  2. Eileen Adickes

    I feel as if I’ve lost the last two months due to a back problem. I fully understand your feelings about your deadline! Remember to breathe! We love you!

  3. Sue

    Time seems to fly by much faster the older I get. LOL Looking forward to all that will be happening in the next month or so. Can’t wait for book 17. Do you really like Home Chef? I do Hello Fresh. I tried to check the menus at Home Chef but I have to sign up and give credit card info just to check it out. Didn’t want to do that.

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh my gosh, I love Home Chef. If you say yes, I’ll clip a few pics of their menus and email those to you. However, if you watch their FB page, they post nearly every menu item throughout a week. Since I’ve been with them – maybe September (?), they have only repeated one meal that I’ve seen. Fantastic ingredients, love the recipes. This week, somehow they didn’t drop one of the packages of chicken in the package. I messaged them on FB as soon as I discovered it, they’re giving me a free meal credit next week. And heck, I’ll be at the store anyway, so I’ll just pick up some chicken breasts and make the meal. Huh. I’m an evangelist! Hahaha.

  4. Diane Wendt

    Sometimes, Diane, you just leave me speechless . . . and tired . . . just thinking about all that you do. How does Max manage? Thank you for every smile you put on my face! As for turning back time, what you need is a visit from one of Pern’s dragons or to borrow Hermione’s necklace. If you ever just need a little help from your friends, call out my name . . . and I’ll come running. (Just trying to pay you back for the Lawyers, Guns and Money earworm I can’t get rid of.)

    1. nammynools Post author

      I’m good for a few earworms, because when I get them, I find the best thing to do is to share them!

  5. Susan Schafer

    Whining? Nah. Venting? Nope. “Oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into?” Oh, yeah, but I totally understand. Overall, it’s a grand life, but “Oh MY” lol. My after hours are as busy (or more so) with work as the store hours. But like you, I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing! We all have our “labor of love”, and you and I are lucky enough to have found ours! 😀

  6. Joanne Carley

    The Lord will redeem the time… Dad died, siblings, banks, Christmas, sickness… Lawyers… No guns or chocolate… Lol. All is well.. February is here… Bills to pay… Love ya Diane, don’t look for m&ms. Prayers are being spoken… Praises going up… For all you are going through… Hugs…

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