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I’ve spent time this weekend packing books.

There’s nothing like a pile of brown kraft paper, boxes, tote bags, books and other things to get three cats all excited. I keep saying that these three can add multiple levels of complexity to every simple task. It gets a little intense.

Tomorrow I will make my first run to the post office and then again on Tuesday and Wednesday. If there are any stragglers, they’ll leave here on Friday.

As much as I love getting books into people’s hands, I’ll admit this isn’t one of my favorite parts of the publishing schedule. Fortunately, I might get through this January shipment without snow and ice on the ground. Once these are gone, bring on the blizzard. Yeah, it’s not in the forecast, my hopes and dreams will probably amount to … not much.



The first book in the Bellingwood series has been published to audio. All Roads Lead Home is available through Audible and Amazon.

The process for Book 2 will begin soon, which is pretty exciting. I don’t have a timeline for when the series will catch up to itself; it depends on a great many things. But it has begun!

Audible is very generous with its authors and has given me codes for free audio copies to help spread the word. I want to give them away to you!

If you’d like to enter for a free audio copy of All Roads Lead Home, all you have to do is leave a comment. Either on this blog post … or (preferably) on this post on the Facebook Bellingwood page.

What should the comment be about?

Since the Winter Olympics are coming up in a couple of weeks – tell me about some of your favorite Olympic sports – either summer or winter. Memories that you have about the games … anything. I love watching the Olympics and have for years. Whether it’s figure skating, speed skating, the luge, diving, swimming … or, oh my gosh, I fell in love with rugby two years ago. Tell me what you love about the Olympics.

I have ten free audio books to give away right now, so there will be lots of winners. You have until Wednesday evening, January 31 to leave a comment.

Entrants release Facebook of any responsibility and this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.



The January newsletter went out last Thursday. I hope everyone got their hands on it. I always have fun putting them together for you. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest vignette and other Bellingwood news, be sure you’ve signed up. I send these every month on the 25th. I don’t give away or sell your email addresses, you can unsubscribe at any time, and I never spam you with information.

Book 20 Vignettes are available on Amazon now. These are some of my favorites so far.


Book 21

Twenty-five percent of the book has been written, so I’m on target – well, I’m actually running a little early. That’s good news, right?

Publication dates for the Bellingwood books are always March 25, June 25, September 25, and December 25th. It keeps me on my toes!

16 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Home Audio Book – Enter to Win

  1. Chris

    Cool! Audio books! I had to check to see if you were narrating them! 🙃
    Oh well… so, do use hear the different character voices when you write?? Wouldn’t you just love to do the audio?? 🤣
    I do think it’s cool though… I could listen to
    Bellingwood while driving! Hmm … would that be like driving to Bellingwood??
    I am looking forward to your next book! Less than two months to go!!
    As always I appreciate you and that you write, and newsletters too! You’re so fun!! 💕

    1. nammynools Post author

      I would love to have time to do the audio … because yeah – I’d love to tell you all the story! But that would cut into my writing time! LOL.

  2. denise

    I like the winter olympics so much better than the summer ones. my favorites are the downhill skiing and the luge. like most folks it is amazing to watch the skaters do their thing.

  3. Sherry

    I enjoy watching figure skating but must admit I like when they are in locations that are in time zones ahead and can see the spoiler alerts. (It helps with the anxiety of who will fall and who will skate perfectly.). The luge and bobsled competitions intrigue me because I love to go sledding and imagine myself flying down my hill at those speeds.

  4. Suzanne kostopoulos

    I love the summer olympics but have a special fondness for winter. I attended the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. My friend and I got last-minute tickets to long track speed skating. We arrived late and ended up sitting in the middle of the bleachers occupied by fans from the Netherlands. A very friendly but rambunctious crowd, all dressed in orange fur hats. The Sochi Winter Olympics for years ago, I had 3 month old twin boys. We were up all night with feedings. I don’t remember a lot from that time other than watching the Olympics why from Russia at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00am every day. We were just sharing the story with their boys in anticipation of this Olympics coming out We won’t be watching watching it live this year!!

  5. Susan York

    As a girl from Buffalo, NY; ice skating was our winter sport and passion. We watched with wonder as the skaters performed during the winter Olympics and then took to the frozen pond and were convinced we were Olympic stars. Oh, the falls, sore muscles and aches. But the joy and wonder and of Olympic stardom far outweighed the pain.
    The joys of childhood and memories of a long lost time.

    1. Peg Adams

      Susan York I am from Buffalo NY also! My Dad flooded the backyard, and my brother, myself and his friends played our version of hockey all winter on that ice. 🙂

  6. Mary O Taylor

    I love the ice skating in the Olympics more than any other thing about it. Next would be the Opening and closing ceremonies.

  7. Amy Moore-Lenert

    A couple ioff Olympics back, I discovered Curling. I know….but, it just fascinates me. If I was younger, I would find out if there is anywhere near me to play! 😀

    1. nammynools Post author

      Amy, you’re a winner! I don’t know if I have your email address … I might search for you on Facebook so I can send you the code! Otherwise, email me when you see this … just use the ‘Contact Me’ form at the top of the website page.

  8. Julie

    I enjoy gymnastics. The team spirit and how they work together to win. I was in law enforcement during the 96 summer Olympics.

  9. Peg Adams

    Definitely like winter Olympics better than the summer. Biting my nails watching those bobsled guys hurtle down that course–and luge! yikes! breathing a sigh of relief when they all end up in one piece at the Finish Line!!! Friends went to the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 and brought me back souvenirs I still have, to this day….while I watched it all on TV and house-sat and dog-sat for them while they were gone. It was fun!

  10. Ellen Johnson

    While I enjoy the Summer Olympics, my favorite is the Winter Olympics. I have my tv programmed for February 8th – the start date for televised Winter Olympics. Love hearing “USA, USA, USA” !!! Go team 🇺🇸. 🙏🏻 for 🇺🇸 and the safety of all athletes regardless of the country they represent.

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