Max and Diane’s Route 66 / Grand Canyon Adventure

When Max and I took this trip in 2008, I had a steno pad and pencil with me all the time … and took notes. Lots of notes. Every evening, I wrote a blog post and uploaded pictures. My friends got to take the trip with me and I had a blast documenting the crazy things we did.

When you read the Bellingwood short honeymoon story (Book 8.5 – One Perfect Honeymoon), you will find a lot of similarities to conversations that Max and I had … because why not?

If you want to see what we did and where we went, this PDF file is a copy of those blog posts. I did very little editing and formatting, just enough to build the file. I have a book to write and didn’t want to spend a great deal of time on this. However, I wanted you to have a glimpse into the insanity that has always been part of my life (no wait, I don’t mean that, do I?) and an opportunity to see more photographs from the trip.

I was using a friend’s little point and shoot and though it took wonderful pictures as we drove along, it was nothing in comparison to Max’s beautiful photography. Stop by his website to see lots of gorgeous pictures of the scenery we experienced. Here’s a direct link to his vacation pictures.

PDF File:
Max and Diane’s Adventure 1

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  1. Sue York

    I found 2 typos in the new short story. Hope it was just errors by the amazon type setters!!
    Loved it as always. Can’t wait for #9.


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