Mid-Month Catch-Up

Where in the world is Polly?

In the June newsletter, I announced a contest – Where in the World is Polly? I’m not ready for you to do anything yet, but you should be taking pictures this month of a Bellingwood cover in the world.

Pull a cover up on your e-reader or use a paperback. It can be any of the Bellingwood books. Hold it up at the beach or a concert, your back yard, a garden, in your favorite chair, from a mountain top, at a restaurant, with your best buddies. All I want is to see Bellingwood in your world.

Be sure it’s the COVER of a Bellingwood book, not content or text.

Hold on to that picture, because in the July newsletter, I will set everything in motion for the contest.



Oh, how I hate asking you to write reviews for me, but they help so much, both in increasing the rank so others are made aware of Bellingwood and when I attempt to do advertising outside of Amazon. Everybody wants to know how many reviews you have.

Anyway, I need you and I’m not very good at asking for help. You don’t have to write a lot of words, but you certainly can.

If you’ve written a review that you want me to see, please copy it and post it as a reply or send it directly to me in an email. I’m very careful of reading reviews on Amazon because the bad ones literally spiral me down into a blithering puddle and I spend the next two days questioning why I even bother to write. Now I get myself out of that faster than when I first started writing, but it is still painful to read such terrible things about my heart’s passion. No matter how I try to avoid reading the bad reviews (because I know they’re not good for me), it’s like watching a train wreck – I can’t look away.

I appreciate you so much and that you take the time to read my books and hang out with me, means the world!

Here’s the link to Book 18 – Just Around the Bend. If you’ve read the Prequel, I’m desperate for reviews on that as well, so click on this link to write a quick one.

Thank you!


Newsletter and Facebook

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you want to do that today. I’ve got a LIST of things to tell you in the next one. Click here to stay in touch with what’s going on.

Newsletters go out once a month on the twenty-fifth. Every quarter, I announce the new book, but there is so much more – contests, a fifteen-hundred-word vignette, cover reveals, more short story announcements (oh, I have a new one coming in July – you’re gonna love it), and other fun things.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook Bellingwood page, you should. It truly is becoming a bit of Bellingwood online. Wonderful people from all over the world hang out and it is so much fun watching you all start to interact with each other. You’re amazing! If I have fewer words than a blog post – that’s where I put them. I also have a terrible tendency to tease the story while I’m writing the next book.


Earl adores TB, who barely tolerates all of the attention Earl wants to shower him with. So when I see TB allowing Earl to rest his big ole head on the belly, I smile.

Finally …

Book 19 is being written. My crazy brain is telling me about stories that aren’t even supposed to be in this book, too! I’m building up a list of characters who are planning to show up in Bellingwood in the next few books. Do you have any idea how worn out my brain is from pushing them back until it’s the right time? Imagine having all of these people talking to you whenever you slow down enough to listen.

By the way, if you DO have that many people talking to you, you might want to consider writing stories. Evidently, there are characters desperate to have their tales told to the world and you’re the only person who can do it. No … I’m not kidding.

That’s enough for today. I love you all and am so grateful for you being part of what I’m doing here.

16 thoughts on “Mid-Month Catch-Up

  1. Joanne Carley

    I just wrote a review for number 18… I usually wait until I am finished, but life has been getting in the way… I love your books… Keep on dancin’ Diane… This book has been a cool read… I saw 33 reviews… I am praying for more…
    Giggles, one of the things I have really been able to relate to is how Polly is moving boxes from one room to another and then back again. I did that for a year. It was awful… Now I want boxes removed asap!
    Polly’s deductive reasoning is making each mystery more interesting.. Even her friends are getting into it! People’s reactions have been interesting… Having gone through this in real life, the diversity of reactions surprises me… Some show nothing and some are devistated… Nothing prepares you for either…
    Having said all that, can’t wait to read number 19! Enjoy your summer!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Moving boxes back and forth is the most ridiculous thing and seems to never end, am I right? Hahaha. I hope all of yours are gone soon! 🙂

  2. Mary R

    I wrote a 5 star review for Book 18. Here it is…

    I haven’t been so invested in book characters since reading the Anne of Green Gables series as a girl. I truly love the people of Bellingwood as brought to life in the books and vignettes. I just happened upon the first 3 books as a set and am so happy that I added them to my Kindle. I will now wait patiently until Sept. 25 for the next book.

  3. Dorrie Vaillancourt

    While I was reading 18, I could picture being there, moving the boxes and party. Your books are so vivid, humorous and full of warmth. There is only thing—I hate to get to the end. I just want to keep reading on and on. I cannot wait for September 25 to see what Polly is p to

  4. Sandra Williams

    This is the review that I just posted to Amazon along with a five star rating:

    This book series is so good that I decided to re-read the first 17 books again along with the interspersed vignettes while waiting for “Just Around the Bend” to be published. Yes, I am still hooked on these characters and Diane Greenwood Muir’s writing! I barely took time to deal with normal daily activities before pulling the next book up on my Kindle. It was an exciting experience to be so immersed in small-town Iowa with these people. Mrs. Muir is a talented writer and weaves all the storylines together expertly.

    Thanks so much for listening to those voices and capturing their stories, Diane.

  5. Marianne Popp

    Book 18 and the prequel came out and I bought both immediately. Then I emailed my daughter (busy, working, single mom) and said which do you want to read first? She borrowed the prequel and I took the new book.

    After I got done reading it, I somehow see the girl who set all the fires ending up in Polly’s family. Maybe not right away, but somewhere down the line. 😊😊

    The prequel was “GREAT”!! I remember a lot of the first books and yes, I had seen some of these stories before, but not so filled out, with reasoning behind the story. I absolutely loved it.

    Yes, I was born and raised in Iowa, I have moved away and came back twice. Once to the West Coast and once to the East Coast…and as life goes on you have good and bad happen. But like Polly, Iowa is home.

    Thank you for writing these books and can’t wait for the next book in September!!!


    1. nammynools Post author

      I am so thankful for Iowa. Mom grew up on the east coast and once she finally got used to life in Iowa, she never wanted to be anywhere else. It is home, that’s for sure! Thank you!

  6. Bonnie Boyles

    I often write reviews for your books and cannot say enough good/fun “stuff” about your characters. I adore MY Bellingwood family and the sheer love and satisfaction I get from each and every book you write. You are absqueetlutely the “BEST”.

  7. suzanne engle

    Finished reading Finding the Road Home this morning… LOVED IT!!! Would have finished it last night but I needed to get to bed… as it was I stayed up until 1am reading.. Oh my sister has all of your Polly books now… you have a new fan.. she can’t put them down either.. she said they’ve made her laugh and cry.. which is a good thing.. Thanks so much for bringing Bellingwood alive and into our lives.

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