Lost Kindle Content? Not Really …

A large percentage of you (us … whoever) own Kindles of one sort or another. Over the years, I’ve helped readers with some technical issues as they’ve come up, and it hit me today that you might not be making use of the powerful database that is your personal Kindle library.

Every Kindle book you’ve ever purchased from Amazon is yours forever and resides in the cloud on the Amazon servers. Even if you can’t find the content on the Kindle you hold in your hand, you still have access to it – you just have to find it and download it again.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your device and choose not to because you think you’ll lose everything – have no fear. Amazon has your back.

A couple of months ago, my Kindle was inundated with books that I was no longer interested in reading. Buried deep in the bowels of my Kindle list, behind all of those duds, were books that I had completely forgotten I owned. I wiped my Kindle clean – erased everything from it and started out just like it was a brand-spanking new device. Ahhh … perfection.

How did I get to the books I wanted to read? There are several different ways … read on, MacDuff.

Of course, there is a search function on the Kindle – just be sure you are searching the cloud – not your local device (unless you know for certain the book is already downloaded). Using that, you can download a book / any book you’ve ever purchased. You won’t be charged for it again.

Or … you can do the work from your computer. I grabbed a couple of screenshots along the way.

And no, you can’t go to the book page on Amazon and download from there – silly of them, I know.

1. You must go to your Account page and then find “My Content and Devices.”

Here is where you will find every electronic device attached to your Amazon account.

But more importantly for this situation, you will also find all of the content you’ve purchased (even if it was free).


2. Here’s what that page will look like when you arrive (only with your content – not mine):

Do a quick search (over there on the right side of the page) for the book you want to send to your Kindle again. The book will present itself to you (how cool is this?)

Then, click on those three little dots (ellipsis) beside your book.

3. A popup – much like this one will happen, giving you many options.

If you want to deliver it to your Kindle or any of the other devices on your account, you can do it right there.

Et voila – finis!


A couple of notes about books delivered to your Kindle.

  1. If you delete a book and re-download it, I’m almost positive that if the author has sent up freshly edited content, you will receive the newest edition. I haven’t verified it, but seriously, why would Amazon maintain multiple edited copies of a book?
  2. In the past, many of you have informed me that there is something dreadfully wrong with the book on your Kindle – missing pages, chapters half gone, etc., etc. No, that’s not actually something that I did – the file was corrupted somewhere between your Kindle and Amazon. Simply delete the file from your Kindle and re-download it. All will be well.


And now … back to Book 19. Many, many words to write before I sleep.

7 thoughts on “Lost Kindle Content? Not Really …

  1. Bett Hall

    Thank you , I didn’t know this all I have to do now is remember it! Good luck with writing your next chapters we are all waiting.

  2. Joanne Carley

    Thanks for the info… I wish Amazon had a filter that would put the books that you have read in one area and all the others in another… I have over 1400 books… Ok so some people collect fabric… Lol. Time to go read…. See ya…

    1. nammynools Post author

      There are MANY things I wish Amazon would let us do in our library … but alas … no one listens to me (hahaha).

  3. Mary

    Some really good info and advice…of course I knew about the cloud and of course I knew my Kindle was bogged down with too many books BUT I was not willing to wipe the slate clean…stubborn I know…just kept thinking of a future time when I would be traveling and unable to download from the cloud and heaven forbid I be without a limitless choice of books!!! End result…my Kindle died 🙁 Purchased a new one during Prime Day BUT l liked the layout of my old one plus I had to start with a clean slate anyway….ugh!! Lesson learned and happy you wiped before chaos ensued for you 😉 Mary (PS…please hurry up with 19 and stop spending quality time with your Kindle would ya????)

    1. nammynools Post author

      I’m always about the ‘new.’ So I look forward to those crazy clean slates. Okay, unless, of course, you’re talking about my computer. This baby better be returned to its exact ‘Diane-state’ every time it gets wiped or cleaned. Crazy-woman shows up if not! Haha.

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