I Love Winter

I love winter. I love snow. I love cooler weather. I love blankets. I love snuggling fur-babies. I love wearing sweatshirts. I love bright blue skies. I love blizzards. Really … I love winter.

I’m not fond of ice and I’m not a fan of below zero temperatures. If I could have winter without those things, that would be pure heaven.

The last two weeks have been cold here and that cold is permeating much of the northern half of the US. Just, plain, brr. So I made a choice. I’m not going anywhere. I can look out my windows and see all of the beauty of winter. Then I can snuggle in with my fur-babies, my sweatshirts and my blankets (oh my gosh, I love blankets. Truly, this could be a serious addiction).

Today the temperature rose into the thirties. I practically exploded from the house. There were things to do out there and I didn’t need to wear a coat (one is always in my Jeep). All I needed was my sweatshirt (seriously, love those, too) and a pair of gloves to deal with the snow still on my Jeep.

Off I went to the post office, then down to Boone for some groceries. Are you using that grocery online ordering / pick-up thingie? Glory be, I don’t have to wander a stinking grocery store ever again. Some young kid can wander it for me. I will tip you to do that, thankyouverymuch.

The world felt alive today. People were smiling and happy to be outside. I can’t tell you the number of kids I saw building snowmen and snow forts. My favorite was the dad outside by himself building a snowman. I had an image of his three kids standing in the front door with their snowsuits on, trying to hurry before he finished. Maybe the guy just likes to build snowmen. Or maybe he escaped from their noise and chaos to the quiet of the front yard.

There are many of you who have very good reasons to hate winter. I get it. That’s your deal and your life.

I’m thankful for the seasons that I get to experience. I am grateful to finish with one and move to the other … about four times a year. Look how that works out! I don’t have to wait long – it never lasts forever, though trust me, by September I’m completely finished with summer. By the end of March I will be WAY over winter. But that’s the beauty of it. It will all change in its time. Not because I’m complaining or whining about it, but because it is time.

That’s the way of so many things. I get to love and enjoy and find joy in so much because I choose to allow the earth to spin without my complaints and negative opinions. There is much out there that I can find fault with, but my opinion won’t change a thing … well, except for my attitude.

So I choose to love winter. You don’t have to get on board with that. It’s okay. I still choose to love you, too.

There’s another snowstorm forecast to come through on Thursday. I can hardly wait. Fresh, white snow will drop all over my valley. Yeah. I’ll have to clear the Jeep again before I get out of here, but that’s okay. The absolute peace and beauty that a gorgeous snowfall brings will be worth it to me.

The pictures in this post were taken last year after a particularly beautiful snowfall. This is where I write. This is the beauty that surrounds me. Can you blame me for loving it?


A few random things.

1. I had the worst time getting the paperback for Love’s Surprises published. The company that prints these completely lost their minds this week. It took several conversations with customer service and a great deal of patience, but they finally figured out that they had created a problem and I could do nothing about it except tell them to look a little deeper. It’s live on Amazon now.

I’ve placed my order. If you regularly order paperbacks from me, now’s the time to let me know you’re ready to do it again. They’ll be shipped out within the next two weeks or so.

I’m sorry it took so long – it was far out of my hands – my very frustrated hands.

2. On the Facebook Bellingwood page you will see a ‘Shop Now’ button near the top. That little button takes you directly to the list of Bellingwood books on my website.

That is the list that tells you what books come where in the canon.

Amazon doesn’t allow for creative numbering (i.e. 12.5, 16.5, 20.5). This forces me to put the vignettes and the short stories outside the canon. Don’t trust anything else but my website. It’s better that way.

3. On the Bellingwood book page of my website, I am also placing the ‘Notes and Characters’ PDF files for you to read or download. I’m up through Book 6. That should keep you occupied for, oh, about a day or two. Again, hit the ‘Shop Now’ button on the Facebook page to get to the list.

4. Really … check out my website. I get a lot of questions that I’m glad to answer, but if you dig around, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. There is a map of Bellingwood, sketches of Sycamore House and its environs, and sketches of the Bell House.

I’ve had requests for a more sketches. One of these days, I’ll put one together of the Bell House and land around it – where the tunnel is, etc. I see it all in my mind, so I’ll get on that.

A sketch of the downtown shops is a little more iffy. I’m not sure when I’ll ever get that done. I’d love to tell you that I have every single shop and space figured out, but that would be a lie. I know I should – maybe one of these days. For now, your imagination will just have to do.

24 thoughts on “I Love Winter

  1. Margaret Baines

    I love cold, sunny days when my hubby and I can walk out. Sadly, here in Kent, it is most frequently wet, cold and miserable, not nice for walking in so we huddle at home wishing we were somewhere the sun shines on the packed snow! Feeling rather jealous of you now!

  2. Kathy Duncan

    I love the changing seasons all special in their own way . Spring when the snowdrops , crocuses and daffodils raise their heads . Summer with the bright mornings and lovely long light nights ( up till 10.30 in late June). Then Autumn with the crisp mornings and that nip in the air and rustling in the leaves with the grandchildren on the way home from school . Then Winter we shut the curtains early soups and stews to warn us up and the very special family time at Christmas. Then Mother Nature does it all again for us .x

  3. Barbara Prata

    Thanks for the updates! Bellingwood stories have become more of a lifeline in this harsh winter. (Cabin fever, you know). But snuggling down with your books takes me away from my realities and makes the cold disappear!

  4. Fran Neff

    For those who don’t love blankets it is hard to understand, but of my, I love blankets (and fresh snow) too soul sister! Thank you for all you do to keep us entertained, including putting up with all of the behind the scene things that we don’t know about. You are the best!
    Love you lots,

  5. Terri Calvert

    Diane, you’ve painted such great word pictures in my mind, and they keep filling in more details. I love blankets and a snap in the air but the cold does make my fibromyalgia flare(yes it’s a real disease). I miss snow. Although San Antonio did get some this year which was a thrill for us all but especially the kids who had never experienced it before. Last time was 1985. They had a blast.
    Thanks for the great world you’ve created. Happy writing!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Yeah, this is why I’m glad we don’t all live in the same place – there are so many reasons people can no longer live in the cold part of the world. Thank you!

  6. Kathleen Hammerlind

    What about making soup, between snuggles?Perhaps because I love to cook, lasagna, soups, bread tend to go there when it’s too cold to be outside. That, and books, lots and lots of books. Binging on all kinds of things, Bellingwood, of course, cozy mysteries, historical mysteries. Too busy to clean, though I should. Time to snuggle up in blanket with my carin terrier, Joy ( and she is btw) and a good book.

    1. nammynools Post author

      I need someone to come cook for me like that. I love all of those things, but my goodness I don’t want to spend the time on them. I envy people like you. Man, I’m not cleaning either. We’d need to hire someone else! Haha.

  7. Judith A McKay

    What ever sketches you put up they are always reverse what was in my mind…but I cope! LOL! Thank you!

      1. Peg Adams

        Could it be that Judith McKay and Diane are opposite-handed? (LOL I just made that one up!) A friend took a quilt top kit I had made up with three piles of squares, A,B,C. It was 7 squares wide and 9 squares long. When she got done sewing it, she complained that the colors were ” backwards” of what she wanted. She is left-handed and I am right-handed–so she started sewing rows from the opposite side first. So that could be the reason! 😊

  8. Ora Peeples

    I loved your thoughts on winter. I do love the quiet stillness after it snows, but I do not love the cold. I do love cuddly blankets and hot cocoa. Thank you for the ways you care about your readers. We all love you.
    Here in New Mexico we have been 70 plus days without moisture in any form (unless we turn on the garden hose , haha
    Love from alien land

    1. nammynools Post author

      The only reason I like the cold is so I can snuggle up in blankets! Wow … on the days without moisture. That’s crazy stuff!

      1. Peg Adams

        Arizona is the crazy stuff too–within the last couple years, we had one stretch where we went 143 days without any rain. Though we knew it was dry when we were driving around with the real estate agent in March….there was a number 16 on his dashboard next to the temperature. What’s that? We asked. That’s the humidity level–16 percent. (Normal range). We had one day in Summer 2017 where it got to 122 degrees–can you imagine that with 40 or 50 percent humidity? People would not survive. I think everything is a trade-off….and some of it is what you get used to, also.

        1. nammynools Post author

          But it’s a dry heat. Haha. That’s what all of us here in the Midwest believe about heat in Arizona! LOL.

  9. Mary Taylor

    I love each season because they are so unique and not one of them is the same. I love snowy, cold winters, mild, warming springs, dry, hot summers, and cooling, beautiful falls. And I love the Bellingwood series of books.

    1. nammynools Post author

      That’s exactly how I feel about the seasons … and I love it when they change.

      And, thank you! 🙂

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