I Love Language … and Words

Yeah, yeah, yeah …

I’m supposed to be working, but a new book just showed up on my front door step and I can barely contain myself.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love words? Oh my goodness, but they make me happy. (okay, whoops, I was totally gone there for about thirty seconds while my mind wandered off to chase down some of my favorite words. Anyway …)

David Crystal’s book, “Making Sense: The Glamorous Story of English Grammar” is sitting in front of me and I’m typing this before I’ve even finished the preface … because, well … words!

I have to share this with you because it made my heart skip a beat.

from Old French gramaire,
which was an adaptation of Latin grammatica
which in turn came from Greek grammatiki
meaning ‘pertaining to letters or literature’
which later narrowed to mean just the language of texts
which in the Middle Ages meant chiefly Latin
and so took on the meaning of ‘special learning, knowledge’
and then ‘secret knowledge’ as in magic and astrology
which is how it was first used in Scotland in the 18th century
when the word was pronounced with an l instead of an r
and the meaning developed of ‘enchantment, spell’
and later became the word we know today, meaning
‘charm, attractiveness, physical allure’
glamour (British English)
glamor (American English)

(Crystal, 2017)

Process on that little passage, then re-read the title and subtitle.

Think about how that single word transformed throughout the centuries and what a gift it is. These are the things that thrill my mind and send me wandering off the normal path of life so I can explore deep and creative thoughts.

My goodness, I love words.

8 thoughts on “I Love Language … and Words

  1. Betty moreland

    I have dictionaries from 1920s and they give eye opening view of how world changed. My taber medical dictionary is another one that shows the changes we have made and how much life has changed.

    1. nammynools Post author

      These are my favorite books ever! The Oxford English dictionary is filled with the etymologies of words and I love living there.

  2. Chris Adam

    It is amazing! Words and their metamorphosis. There’s probably a better word for the process than that. 😆
    My husband and I play Big Boggle quite often and it is always fun for me, to make to make up words and then find them in the dictionary, but then, in the process of the search of truth, ” is it a word or not?” I love finding new words! The trick then is to remember them for the appropriate time…
    Fun diversion! Now get back to work! ! 😁
    Thanks for sharing your words about words!

    1. nammynools Post author

      I just love this stuff … it gives me chills. (I’m working, I’m working) 🙂

    1. nammynools Post author

      Seeing them develop like this – wow. I might be a puddle before I finish the book.

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