Happy Easter Weekend

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I do my very best work when it comes to avoiding things that break my heart. Stories that make me not just cry, but weep with pain and agony are hard for me. Some might attribute this to a Pollyanna-ish attitude toward life, but truth be told, I’ve lived enough pain and loss that deliberately exposing myself to more seems ridiculous.

This weekend – Easter Weekend, specifically Good Friday – is one of those that I would have loved to avoid. You can laugh with me, if you will … I’m a nut.

You see, I’m the girl who reads the gospels and knows exactly what is coming, but prays that I don’t have to read it again. When I watch movies about the crucifixion and resurrection, I dread that Good Friday moment on the cross. I fall in love with Jesus all over again as the movie presents him in all his humanity and then I am destroyed as I watch his humanity come to grips with that which his divinity has already done. There’s a little part of me that wishes that just once, he wouldn’t have to die on the cross.

As much as I silently beg for it to not happen (inside my head so no one knows what a ridiculous fool I’m being), I find myself so thankful that Good Friday isn’t the end of the story.

The crazy thing is – the Resurrection isn’t the end of the story either. The story is just getting started on Easter Sunday morning when the glory of heaven reveals itself to creation.

Every year, I approach Good Friday with trepidation, knowing that once more I am faced with the truth of what sin has wrought. God’s son chose to die an excruciating death, one that I can barely read about or consider, so that he could give us the opportunity to stand in the holy of holies and immerse ourselves in God’s presence.

As much as I dread this day, I’m thankful for the cycle that brings me to a point of humility each Good Friday. It is the worst of me that brought this about … I am ashamed that this day even has to exist in history and I am humbled that this gift is offered freely.

Monday morning we will return to our normal lives. Celebrations will be complete, families will go home, jobs will demand our time, life will move on. But today, as much as I feel sorrow and pain for the crucifixion of Jesus’ body over two thousand years ago, I am renewed by the grace and hope of his unfathomable gift on that cross.

May you have a blessed Easter weekend.
– Diane

22 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend

  1. Laura

    He is risen, he is risen!!!

    I once again want to tell you how special I think you are! Your books are such a wonderful delight to read and I appreciate all the writing you do to make me feel as though I know every character in the book personally.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Diane.
    I feel so blessed having found you and your lovely books.

  2. Chris Adam

    So beautifully said sister!
    And it is, in the grand design, good. But to think, even with our finite minds, of what our Lord endured…words escape me, but to LIVE my gratitude, thankful that it didn’t end there, with Jesus’ death on a cross.
    Thank you so much for sharing! 💕
    He is risen! !

  3. Constance

    Beautiful post Diane. I feel the same but every Good Friday I try to listen to Rev. E. V Hill’s sermon, “It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming!”

  4. Paula Allaire

    Thank you for your beautiful words DIANE. You were able to express exactly how I feel every Good Friday. I can’t begin to imagine what Jesup went through because He loved me. It hurts my heart. Happy Resurrection Day to you and your family.

    Big hugs

  5. Martha gibbs

    I totally agree with you! I sat at the organ last night and was crying while trying to play. The service really got to me last night. But how amazing that Jesus will be alive and so present with us during our celebration tomorrow in church. Thank you for sharing your feelings so well.

  6. Melenie

    Amen and Amen. I, too, have always dreaded Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Knowing that my sins nailed him to the cross. Last Easter, though, our daughter lay in the PICU battling for her life, in incredible pain that they were not able to control well, and all we could do was be there, encouraging her to fight and hold on, and begging her not to leave us. I remember how helpless I felt. I couldn’t protect her from this. I couldn’t take her place. I remember that for the first time, I really had a glimpse into what God the Father went through watching His Son beaten, tortured, crucified and in the tomb. It’s not a perspective we contemplate often. It’s almost unimaginable that He didn’t stop it. That He allowed it to continue to completion. Even knowing that Christ would rise on the 3rd day. It is incomprehensible to me.

    1. nammynools Post author

      Such hard things for us to face, but imagine knowing how it all turns out in the end. It allows you to be more circumspect about short-term pain …

  7. Anne Ogger

    Beautiful words. You made me stop a d think about what Easter is really all about.
    Thanks know you

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