Excitement in Diane-ville. Book 21 and a SALE!

Illustration by Bec Schreiber

This is about to be a huge week for me, so I’m taking a deep breath and sucking down extra caffeine (coffee, Diet Dew, Dew Kickstart … whatever it takes) and maybe a few extra M&Ms (plain, otherwise, it’s way more than a few).

Book 21. I have two chapters left to write. Polly ended up in a snowbank last night. Well, that’s not true – it was more like a cold, wet, slushy parking lot – you know the kind I mean. While that might not seem like a terrible thing, the person who did it was a very bad person and now she has to … okay, that’s enough information. Trust me, she’s about to kick butt. I’ll write that tonight. The weird thing is that when I write these exciting chapters, I find myself breathing fast as my fingers race across the keys. That probably means I’ll be in bed early.

The book should be finished tomorrow night, but that’s only the beginning. Since this is the first draft, I have a ton of cleanup to do. That will teach me to not pay enough attention to what my characters are telling me in the beginning of a book. By the time I’ve finished writing, they’ve clarified exactly what they meant and are insistent that I make sure it’s fixed. That will happen all day on Tuesday. Tuesday night, I’ll start through the manuscript again, looking for more things that need to change, extraneous words that need to be eliminated, and other issues (what character changed the pronunciation of that word to iss-yous in my head? drives me nuts) that jump out at me.

By Thursday, I will have printed the manuscript so I can read it in a different format. Everything is new again! My red pen is a tyrant. Not a page is exempt. It’s a glorious thing. Friday and Saturday will be cleanup days so I can get this to my amazing crew of editors and readers. (And thank you for offering, but I have all that I can manage right now.)

Now, if that were all that happened this week, it would be no big deal. However, there’s so much more.

Cover / Title. Max’s photography is consistently amazing, so yesterday I found the image that will be used for Book 21’s cover. Between now and next Sunday I need to find the title and build the cover. All quite do-able. It just takes silence and time to process. I have that. Yay.

Newsletter. It takes three or four days to put together a newsletter, so I’ll build the shell on Wednesday and add pieces the rest of the week so that on Sunday morning (the 25th – always the 25th of the month), it will arrive in your email inbox. Oh yeah. I’ll write a vignette for that, too. I’m not sure if I can top the last vignette with Beryl, Lydia, and Andy, but I’ll give it a shot.

Now for the big news. I’ve saved the wildest part of this week for last.

BIG SALE on the first eight Bellingwood books

On Friday, February 23:
The Bellingwood Boxed Set #1 (Books 1-3) will be $1.99 (regular price – $6.99)
The Bellingwood Boxed Set #2 (Books 4-6) will be $3.99 (regular price – $6.99)
Book 7 – Tomorrow’s Promises will be $2.99 (regular price $3.99)
Book 8 – Through the Storm will be FREE! (regular price $3.99)

Illustration by Bec Schreiber

That means that for five days – February 23 – 27 – your friends and family (and you, too) will be able to get the first eight books in the series (Kindle only) for NINE DOLLARS! Quite a savings from the regular price of $22.

These prices begin Friday, Feb. 23 and end Tuesday, Feb. 27.

On Friday morning (the 23rd), I will post a graphic and a link so you can share it – something I appreciate more than I can say.


A couple of reminders.

The audio book version of All Roads Lead Home is available now (click the title to go to Amazon). More audio books in the series will be coming.

Book List. If you have a question regarding what book comes next or what you might be missing, the only definitive list is to be found on my website – HERE. You can click that word and you can always get there by clicking the “Shop Now” button on the Bellingwood Facebook page.

Newsletter. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter that comes out on the 25th of each month. I promise not to spam you or do anything strange with your email address. Once a month – that’s what you get from me.

19 thoughts on “Excitement in Diane-ville. Book 21 and a SALE!

  1. Kathleen Hammerlind

    Wow! You sure have been ( and are going to continue to be ) one busy author.
    I got very tired just reading about all you had to do ,all by the 25th?
    Wonder Woman is what you are.
    Have you been able to watch any of the Olympic coverage?
    Take care, can hardly wait until 2/25.

    1. nammynools Post author

      I’ve watched some Olympics. Not as much as I’d like, but that’s okay. And Wonder Woman is my favorite! LOL.

  2. Terri Calvert

    You are amazing with all you do to satisfy our cravings! Seriously, you work hard. I can hardly wait for the 25th but you set yourself up with Beryl, Lydia and Andy. That will be hard to top.
    Looking forward to the next step and recommending the series to everyone. Especially in my Women Over 60’s and Fibromyalgia groups.
    You Rock! Thank you!!!!

    1. nammynools Post author

      Maybe if I write a real tear-jerker vignette, you all will forget those crazy women. Hmmm. Haha.

  3. Laurie

    Wowzers! NO wonder the kitties sleep so much! Mama makes them tired!!! LOL! Thank you for so diligently and superbly doing what you do to make us crazy pants readers SO happy! 💗you!

  4. Kathy Duncan

    Looking forward to it . I love how you really connect with your readers. I ,for one, feel very privileged. It will be the first thing on my to do list on the 25th March . Oh and the Vignette before it x Thank you so much x x

    1. nammynools Post author

      To be honest, the connection is one of the main reasons I keep writing like I do. I’m so thankful for you!

  5. Kathleen

    I don’t know how you do it! Your poor kitties must get whip lash watching you run around like you do, its a wonder they pass out on your keyboard from time to time. But we readers are addicted to your books and cannot wait for our next Bellingwood fix. Keep typing! Love them all.

    1. nammynools Post author

      That’s when they get their exercise! And I love it when they do, because then the passing out is much more complete!

  6. Terri Calvert

    I am recommending the books to everyone in my groups I belong to because they are so awesome!
    I’m looking forward to reading the next vignette and curious on how you’ll top Beryl, Lydia and Andy. What was Beryl wearing under that coat? =)
    Having to wait from March 9th to the 25th for my birthday present is rough. But I’m tough. Lol
    Thank you for being so awesome with your mad writing skills.

    1. nammynools Post author

      Oh, thank you! I’m still wondering myself about how I’ll top the last vignette, but that’s always the concern when I throw those three women together.

      1. Tammy

        Thank you for Bellingwood! I have not ready any other authors since I started your books in January. I just started book 16! My house needs some attention but all I can do is read when I’m not at work. Okay, truth, I read at work during supper. LOL

  7. Glee Baker

    Wow, Diane, just reading your post here on Nammynools. Even with the joking around and wonderful comments that you make, I can see through all of that to know that you are definitely one very disciplined lady. There is so much reading, rereading, editing, crossouts, clean-ups, etc. that go into producing your wonderful books before they hit the printing stage. You have to be very disciplined to do that…sounds like everything runs on a tight schedule when you get to this phase in the process. I, for one, appreciate all that you do to bring your wonderful books to readers like me….and all the while, entertaining us readers with your witty comments. No wonder you are so popular among your readers….it’s not exactly like we have this kind of relationship with any other authors!! I love it….I love all that you do….and all that you write! So looking forward to your next book on the 25th…I will be downloading at midnight! I think authors are a different breed of person…you are publishing Book 21…..you have a wonderful, fertile mind….and an active imagination….you must have been standing at the front of the line when God gave out creativity. 🙂

    1. nammynools Post author

      Thank you, Glee. To be honest, I don’t believe I am any more or less creative than anyone else. But that first part of your comment? That’s one big difference between me and someone else. I do the work. All of the work. I was taught discipline at a very early age. In fact, I suspect there wasn’t a word I hated more than that one, but my father insisted that when we started something, we stuck with it until it was finished. There was no quitting. He kept telling me that I was learning discipline – I kept hating the word. But here I am decades later and am so thankful for it.

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