Congratulations Winners & Thank You!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me this weekend. It means the world to me that you are part of this community and that you are so positive and encouraging. You are why Bellingwood continues. Okay, let’s be honest, Polly really never shuts up, but without you, I would just let her jabber away without getting everything down.

Winners for all of my giveaways are chosen by using a random number generator. It’s the only way to be fair about this. Though I wish I could give all of you something. You truly have no idea how much you mean to me. I see your names pop up with either a *like* or a comment and I smile. We don’t know a lot about each other, but I keep learning more and more about each of you and those things rush through my mind when I see your names.

Anyway – winners:

Carla Strating – Max’s notecards in an embroidered Bellingwood envelope
Mary Breedlove – choice of one of the mugs
Lisa Davis – Bellingwood charm
Pamela Coldiron-Curtis – $10 Amazon gift card (email)
Wendy Carey – choice of one of the mugs

Thank you again. I read through your comments as they came in and my heart filled up. You are kind and generous with me. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Winners & Thank You!

  1. Chris Adam

    Congrats to all the winners!
    Diane it was my pleasure to write a review! I I’m not sure why I had not done so before. I think feels a little intimidating. I want to share what I love about the Bellingwood series, and its hard to narrow it down because there’s so much and I want to say it effectively.

    Carry on!!

    P.S. thanks for the vignette! March 25 seems so far off. The vignettes help me to wait more patiently…

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