Brain Dump

When my schedule isn’t on a do-or-die deadline, I actually have extra synapses available to write blog posts. As much as I love that, the last couple of days have been a bit unfocused. Today’s the day to recapture my brain (I had an image of a wrangler with a lasso and a rather naughty bronco racing around the pen, neighing in hysterical laughter – welcome to my brain).

1) You should read through the gratitude comments showing up on the FB Bellingwood page. Oh friends, you are amazing. You’ve made me emotional – I smile and get teary-eyed. We really do have so much to be thankful for, don’t we? I prefer placing my focus on those amazing things that happen in our lives. But you fill my heart. If you want more information on the journals, check them out here.

2) Have you ever said (or heard) “Stop whining”? We are automatically programmed to react to that pitch of the voice … right now. When it is nothing more than just a whine, it’s annoying. My cats all have that pitch down perfectly. That’s how Grey (my sweet little girl) landed in my life. She was quite persistent in her whining and crying that day. I couldn’t ignore her. Now, she uses that whine whenever she wants something.

Last night, she woke up from a nap across the room and started right in. She wanted my attention. Right now! So, I talked to her until she crossed the room. Grey didn’t want to jump up on the desk, so my job was to decide which side of the chair she was approaching and drop my hand until I felt her there and rub her head until she had enough. Earl does the same thing. If I don’t see him, he whines until I drop my hand to give him some love.

It’s all pretty wonderful, but no matter what I’m doing, if one of them whines (meows) at me, I react immediately. No wonder Mom was always telling us to stop whining. She had things to do other than meet our every need.

3) Did you notice the new “Shop Now” button on the FB page? It takes people directly to the book list on this website where people can order from Amazon. Invite your friends to join us and let them know how easy it is to find the books now.

4) While you’re there on the FB Bellingwood page, be sure to check out the Find Our Fans giveaway. It is going on until March 19th. What a fun opportunity. You are exposed to new authors AND get a chance to win things. Score!

5) Mark your calendars for fun in March. Wine & Trivia Night on March 17th – from 6-11 pm Central Time. I’m building up a wonderful stash of giveaways and we always have such fun.

6) The cover and title for Book 17 – Marks in a Lifetime were revealed in last Saturday’s email newsletter. It is incredible to me that I have such a wonderful resource for images from Max. Who gets that lucky? Apparently, I do. The release date is March 25 and we are on target.

That’s enough random information for today. There are so many things around this place that need to be dealt with. Sewing to finish, dishes to wash, rugs to vacuum, stories to write, designs to work on. My To-Do list is ridiculous! No matter how many things I strike off it, the crazy thing fills right back up. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Boredom will never be part of my life.

That was another thing Mom never wanted to hear from us – “I’m bored.” She had lists. It was easier to just find a book and curl up in a chair somewhere. Nobody bothered us if we were reading.

Now I’m babbling. That list? It won’t go away, and chattering at you won’t get things finished.

I love you!

8 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Eileen Adickes

    Love you too! I didn’t post in the gratitude Facebook thing, but you know what I’m grateful for.

  2. Kathi

    You are the most amazing person that I “know”, Diane. When I’m down in the dumps, you come up with something like you did today. You always make me smile. Please don’t ever quit writing. You’re the best out there and I mean that whole heartedly 🙂 I’m counting the days until March 25th!! I love you, my friend.

  3. Mary

    Oh my goodness!I can hardly wait for 17 to come out.I don’t know how you get anything done between the fur babies and writing! Keep up the good work and love you too.

  4. Pauline Nicolaï

    Dear Diane, thank you so much for your blogs, newsletters and above all the Bellingwood saga. The latter is how I describe your books to my 88 year old mother! It is an ongoing wonderful story about every day people in a small town in the US. I have been to various States working for a Dutch, later American, medical devices company. Loved that time for sure, but being on business never allowed me into the private lives of my American colleagues; never had an invitation to their homes unfortunately. Reading your books shows me what I have missed.

    Your love for your cats is so obvious for which I love you even more. I currently have 2 cats and they are the love of my life.

    Once again thank you for your books and your fantastic communications with all your readers!

    1. nammynools Post author

      I love my small town American families. And wow, I do love my cats. They are my sanity some days. Say hello to your mother for me!

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