Book 15 – Capture the Moments

capture-the-moments-100-dpi-2Have you finished the book yet? Seriously … I’ve already received messages from some of you that have. You are crazy people! And I love you.

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Book Description:

Bellingwood’s Sesquicentennial celebration is nearly here and the entire town scrambles in preparation. The Bell House’s yard looks fabulous, but that’s the only part of the place that is ready for guests. While Hayden and Heath tear into the walls of the inside of the house, a thief breaks in to rip out old copper pipe. The Chief of Police, Ken Wallers, is certain it is an old nemesis of Polly’s.

It was less than three months ago when Polly, Kayla, and Rebecca found the young man’s body in the Elevator’s parking lot east of Boone. Sheriff Merritt wasn’t alone in hoping that series of deaths was over. Polly finds the next body in an truly unexpected place and discovers that the sheriff’s department suppressed important evidence that connects these murders directly to her.

Life never slows down in Bellingwood. Sal and Mark Ogden’s lives changed over the summer, Stephanie loves her new office and title, and Jason Donovan enjoys the freedom that a driver’s license brings. But the best changes always happen around new people. Family members show up in Eliseo’s life, and Henry’s friend, Roy Dunston from Chicago, brings his charges to town. These characters add so much to the lives they touch, whether they stay for good or for just a short time.

Welcome back to Bellingwood.

20 thoughts on “Book 15 – Capture the Moments

  1. Deb

    Only able to read the first 3 chapters due to my work schedule, but loving it so far. Your writing just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait until my work day is over, so I can read more!

  2. Laura

    Got my book!
    I’m so excited!
    Thank you for making his day even better!

  3. Mary Reeves

    So excited for Book 15! But… I am going to wait to start it until the beginning of a much needed vacation. it will be difficult, but worth it, when I get to dive into it on the plane!

  4. Suzanne Engle

    I just ran across the Bellingwood series two weeks ago…I’ve read them all including Book 15 Capture the Moments..I love everything about these books.. I hope there are more to come… I’ve even told my daughter and my older sister about how these are must reads….keep them coming ☺

    1. nammynools Post author

      Wow, you have plowed through the books! I’m glad you found them! Lots and lots of books to come. Polly is a busy woman!

  5. Bonnie Boyles

    Oh boy, I can tell that in the next few days, I’m gonna get nuttin’ done around here. Well, except for having to work the Carrie Underwood concert tomorrow night. Now I wish I had some of those “evil pills” – the steroids that kept me awake all night so I could snuggle up and read non-stop. I suppose anything good is worth waiting for and I just KNOW book 15 is gonna be wunnerful. And so it begins.

    1. nammynools Post author

      Have fun at the concert. And the book will be here forever! Just think – the longer it takes to read it, the closer it is to the next book.

  6. Paula Allaire

    Got it this morning,it helped me scrub my kitchen. Work for an hour read a chapter.great incentive to get that scrubbing or. I just finished the book five n to bed. Will start chapter one again tomorrow. I read too fast today. I’m sure I missed good stuff. Gonna dream about Bellingwood tonight.

  7. Debra S.

    I got it Sunday morning and finished it Sunday night at 10:00. Love the book! Can’t wait until December.

  8. Diane Wendt

    I re-read 14 and then read 15 already. I loved every word (see, I told you to stop “editing” out words) . . . right up to the end. I know Bell House is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from finished, but what you did? Bad Diane, bad bad bad Diane. But yes, Bad Diane, in true Polly tradition I still love you anyway.

  9. Roberta Vaughn

    I got mine and want to try to save it until December because I have some long flights when I go on vacation. Chances of saving it are very slim but I am going to try. If I manage to save it, I will only have to wait a few days for #16.

  10. Mandy Davis

    I’ve finished it! Spent all day reading it, partly due to inadvertently kicking a step last night so I can’t walk. Badly bruised big toe is self diagnosis… Anyway, the book is gorgeous and everything you want a Bellingwoods book to be. Tears still wet on my cheeks. Sad also that I have to wait…. How long?…. For book 16! With love from your number one fan in England.

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