Birthdays and Trivia and a Release Date, Oh My!

Here we are … two and a half weeks out from the release of Book 19 – Boundless Dreams. Sometimes It seems like that date is far, far away, and yet, it also feels like time is rushing forward so fast I can hardly catch my breath.

A few things will happen between now and September 25th and I don’t want you to miss out.

1. September 8th (Friday) is my birthday. Whee! Nope … not telling you how old I am. My life is filled with too much fun for me to concentrate on a number. Besides, most of the time, I’d probably be mistaken. I can never remember.

To celebrate my birthday, I think I want to give away a couple of mugs. To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is post a comment on Facebook (under this post) or here on the website as a response to this post. Tell me one place (one place only) on this earth that you dream of visiting. Just one place. Your biggest and wildest dream vacation place.

You have until Sunday evening (September 10) to respond. I’ll choose winners and reply to your comment as well as post names on the Facebook Bellingwood page.

2. September 15th (Friday) is our last Wine & Trivia Night of the year. I won’t host one prior to the December 25th release because the holiday season is so overwhelming. More information will come next week, but join us on the Facebook Bellingwood page between six o’clock and eleven o’clock central time for a lot of fun, trivia questions about Bellingwood and prizes!

3. September 18th – 20th. The Bellingwood Boxed Set: Books 1-3 will be FREE on Amazon. More notification will come regarding that, but if you have friends or family who should be part of this community, let them know!

4. September 20th (Wednesday). Keep an eye out on the Facebook Bellingwood page that day because it is Polly Giller’s birthday! I will post a fun question for you to respond to and then choose winners who will receive an eBook copy of Book 19 – Boundless Dreams.

5. September 25th (Monday) is release day! Make sure you’ve signed up for the email newsletter (you can do so here). At six o’clock in the morning, the newsletter will land in the email boxes of all the good little girls and boys (seriously, Diane – you should have saved that for the Christmas release).

I can hardly wait for you to get to this next chapter in Polly’s life. Things never slow down for that poor girl, but she loves her life and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Book 20 is already in process, so my next target is December 25th. Hopefully there will be one more surprise between now and then. (The teasing will never end.)

Thank you all for being part of this wonderful community!

20 thoughts on “Birthdays and Trivia and a Release Date, Oh My!

  1. MrsRaptor

    1. Happy Birthday. 2. I have about 10 books to go to catch up… hubby’s going to scream about the books this month on the Visa card since I’m after catching up with this series and…ahhhh… catching up with 5 other series by 2 different authors. ROFL Good thing he loves me.

    1. nammynools Post author

      You know, it’s funny. My dad was as thrifty and tight-fisted with cash as they come, but when it came to books, he set no limit. We were more careful than he was, though we were ravenous readers. He never refused us a new book. And yep – good thing he loves you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Julie Cirka

    Happy ๐ŸŽ‚birthday!

    I would love to visit Ireland some day. I just love the history there, and see the beautiful places I have always heard so much about. The scenery the castles, the people all draw me there.

  3. Marianne Popp

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    I too have the Celtic dream, plus I want to see Stonehenge and there are a couple of museums across the pond that have “bog people” I would like to see them also.

    I’m truly looking forward to the new book, I will be one of your first buyer’s. I buy it and read it and then share it with my daughter. We’re up to date and ready to read.

  4. Kathleen Vekassy

    First of all I wish you a very very Happy Birthday! Second I have always wanted to visit the home of my maternal grandparents birth…Sicily just to see where I came from. I would also live to visit Ireland because I heard about it from friends families.

  5. Linda Johnsonius

    I would love to go to the Netherlands. My father’s side of the family immigrated from there and we still have relatives there I’ve never met. I’d love to meet them and see some of my personal history.

  6. Vikki Pease

    Happy Birthday Diane!

    I would love to visit a ranch in Wyoming and learn to ride a horse. I’ve been hooked on Westerns and Cowboys lately!!

  7. CaySedai

    Happy birthday! And I would like to visit England. I wish I could go while the Doctor Who Experience is there, but it closes Saturday. I’d also like to see some of the places my ancestors are from (Germany, Scotland, etc.) and also visit online friends in other countries.

  8. Deb

    I would love to go to Scotland. My favorite movie is “Local Hero” and I have heard that, while the town named in th film doesn’t really exist, you can take a tour of all of the filming locations.

  9. Vivian Rowan

    Happy Birthday, Dianne!
    So many wonderful places to visit and lots of those here in the USA. I would LOVE to go see the Noah’s Ark being built in Northern TN!

  10. Sherrie Casper

    Happy Birthday!! I would love to go to Alaska and see all of the wildlife, beautiful mountains and glaciers.

  11. Sheryl Livingston

    Happy Birthday! mine was Aug 30th. There are so many places I wish to see and will never make it. Australia would top that list.

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