Book 18 – Just Around the Bend

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The end of the school year brings chaos, something Polly Giller is fast coming to understand is a new normal for her life with multiple children. The little boys, Noah and Elijah, added after-school sports to her schedule and Rebecca’s extra-curricular life is expanding. There’s no time to rest.

While preparing for Heath’s graduation party, Henry tosses another bombshell at Polly. He and his father are considering the purchase of an old farmhouse north of town. Would she be interested in renovating it into a bed and breakfast? There’s no time for that, but the price is too good to pass up – how can she say no? One look at the property has Polly terrified of getting out of her truck. She knows exactly what might be found in that haunted-looking house. That doesn’t stop what’s about to come next. Pretty soon no one will get in her truck to go for a drive.

Not only that, but the town is hit with a rash of fires, the work of an arsonist who operates with no rhyme or reason. The lives of her friends are threatened and disrupted, leaving Polly as frustrated as the rest of the community. While the mysteries aren’t connected, they both end up close to home.

Welcome back to Bellingwood. It’s never boring, always fun, with friendships to last a lifetime.