The Bellingwood Books in Order

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The purchase price of a signed paperback book is $12.50 (includes shipping). If you would like to order in bulk, are interested in purchasing full sets for a community library, or would like books for a book club, please email me via the Contact Page. I would be glad to offer different pricing options.

Bellingwood Boxed Set – Books 1-3, plus Polly’s First Christmas short story
Bellingwood Boxed Set – Books 4-6, plus Room at the Inn

Additional Bellingwood Short Stories:
1. Andrew’s Short Story – Hidden in the Trees (Read after Book 4)
2. Grey’s Short Story – Break Through the Clouds (Fits just before Book 11)
3. Bellingwood Prequel – Finding the Road Home (Polly’s life before Book 1)

  1. All Roads Lead Home (includes Polly’s First Christmas short story)    Notes & Characters PDF
  2. A Big Life in a Small Town      Notes & Characters PDF
  3. Treasure Uncovered      Notes & Characters PDF
  4. Secrets and Revelations    Notes & Characters PDF
  5. Life Between the Lines    Notes & Characters PDF
    5.5 – Room at the Inn    Notes & Characters PDF
  6. A Season of Change    Notes & Characters PDF
  7. Tomorrow’s Promises
  8. Through the Storm
    8.5 – One Perfect Honeymoon
  9. Pages of the Past
    Book 9 Vignettes
  10. The River Rolls On
    Book 10 Vignettes
  11. Look Always Forward
    Book 11 Vignettes
  12. Out of the Shadows
    Book 12 Vignettes
    12.5 – Home for the Holidays
  13. Unexpected Riches
    Book 13 Vignettes
  14. Reflecting Love’s Charms
    Book 14 Vignettes
  15. Capture the Moments
    Book 15 Vignettes
  16. Memories for Tomorrow
    Book 16 Vignettes
    16.5 – All I Want for Christmas
  17. Marks in a Lifetime
    Book 17 Vignettes
  18. Just Around the Bend
    Book 18 Vignettes
  19. Boundless Dreams
    Book 19 Vignettes
  20. Love’s Surprises
    Book 20 Vignettes
    20.5 – The Most Wonderful Time
  21. Book 21 (Coming March 25)