13 thoughts on “Bell House – 2nd Floor Web

  1. Judy Tew

    Are you missing some doorways? How do you enter Henry & Polly’s room and the bedroom in the opposite (upper right) corner?

  2. Annie Daugherty

    I nearly had it…just did not know the open staircase was that way….you are very good at telling the story for us to visualize!!!!
    So interesting….the redoing of old places.
    Loving the storyline, just getting the new people in my mind and reading slower….love Polly and the gang..

  3. Maureen Cluderay

    Love the sketches. At last I can visualise Bell House and know where a person is going when you describe the kitchen etc. Love your books.

  4. Cathy Riddle

    Where is Bell House on the town map? I have placed it in my head but I am probably wrong.
    Hope you had a great holiday. Thanks for working hard to get us two books out. They were wonderful.

      1. Cathy Riddle

        Thank you! I was close. Love the books and the vignettes. Thank you for your hard work to make us so happy. Waiting on the next one!

  5. Trish Reynolds

    Could you sketch in where the tunnel is and where Rebecca’s studio is? I agree with your other readers. You paint a very visual picture for us as we read!

    1. nammynools Post author

      One of these days (I’ll put it on my list – haha), I will do a bigger sketch of the Bell House area like I did with the land around Sycamore House. That’s a good project for the spring!


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