All I Want for Christmas – Short Story

December 31 is such a strange day of the year. It signifies so much for many of us … an opportunity to look forward and make transformational decisions in the new year, an opportunity to look back over the last 365 days of the year and consider all that happened.

Yet, truthfully, it’s just another twenty-four hour span not unlike any other twenty-four hour period.

I always land on this day with a sense of dread and excited anticipation. It’s a roiling bubble of insanity inside me, let me tell you. Because I know what can happen in a year’s time, my little amygdala (that fear center of the brain) shoots off all sorts of warnings to me regarding things I should worry about and be afraid of.

However, the normal part of me – the part that loves this life I have been given – is excited at the possibilities and potential for the year. And that’s where I tend to focus. Possibilities … potential … hope … joy … excitement. I can hardly wait for what’s to come. And the best part, I can hardly wait for things that I don’t even know are possible! Life is filled with excitement and it is so much fun to find new surprises around corners.

I wish for all of you a joyous and exciting 2017. No matter what comes at us, we are stronger together, we are loved and treasured. We are created beings filled with hope. I take great joy in all of that. And I am thankful for the many friends that I’ve made. You all fill my life with so much goodness. Thank you.

The Christmas short story is here! (Link to Amazon)

A day early.

This story is so much fun and filled with a few surprises of its own. The only thing I ask is that you do not make comments about the content of this story. I know you’re going to want to and you have to refrain. Don’t spoil it for anyone else (I will delete any comment on Facebook or here on the website that contains any HINT of a spoiler). So many things happen here and you are going to love them!

Now that all of my publishing duties are managed, I’m taking the night off. There’s a bottle of pinot grigio in my refrigerator and a batch of Fred Astaire / Esther Williams / Ginger Rogers / Gene Kelly / whoever on and on … movies waiting for me to watch them. It’s going to be a great way to ring in 2017!

While the link on this page takes you to the Kindle version, this story will be published at the end of the paperback – which should go live by Monday, January 2.

Happy New Year!

(P.S. I added a sketch of the Bell House – click HERE to see it)





14 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas – Short Story

  1. Reyneke

    Cheers! May the new year fulfil your hopes and dreams and leave some nice surprises and challenges to fill your days with joy and happiness!

  2. Chris Adam

    Happy New Year to you Diane!!
    I am excited to read the short story!! ( when I can… Amazon has their “something went wrong” message up. 🙁 they’re”working on it”

  3. Mandy Davis

    Thank you for the New Year’s gift, Diane! I so want to read book 16 but you said you were sending it as a prize so i have to wait! The new Christmas book will fill a gap till then!
    Have a happy and healthy and wonderful New Year!
    Love from the UK.

    1. nammynools Post author

      It’s going to take a month to get this paperback to you … just from ordering to get it to me and then across the pond. That’s a lot of patience!

  4. Deb

    I loved the short story! Don’t want to spoil it for others, but what a clever twist in the last chapter! I got a little teary.

  5. Murletta

    I just received an email to purchase “All I want for Christmas” then it says “Bellingwood Short Story Book 5.” Is there a book 1 – 4? I love your books and I like to read them in order. I’ve looked and looked so please help me out. Is there books 1 – 4?

    1. nammynools Post author

      Hi Murletta – There are 16 books, plus short stories in this series. Books 1-3 are in a boxed set format (here’s the link)

      If you look at the tabs across the top of the webpage, you’ll see a tab for Bellingwood Books – hover over that and you’ll see more links – click on the Bellingwood Books In Order and you should get all of the information you need!

      Thank you!

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