Diane’s Friends and Favorite Things

I know some of the most amazingly creative people.

My brother, whose pen name is Jamie McFarlane, has told wicked, wonderful stories an entire lifetime. This boy’s tales have made me laugh to the point of embarrassment for years. Check out the tale of the wild boar he spun, nearly creating chaos in our family.

Jamie’s Privateer Tales are a rollicking adventure set in space and his Witchy World series is darker urban fantasy.  His website is fickledragon.com and check out his Facebook page too!


If you love whimsy and pottery, Julie will fill your heart. I am so addicted to her art. Pottery of all shapes and sizes, in nearly all of her patterns, fills my house. It has a tendency to creep out to my friend’s houses too because I can’t imagine everyone not having some of this joy in their lives.

When I asked Julie about designing a charm for Bellingwood, she made something amazing! You can buy it here. While you’re in her Etsy store, look around. You’ll be glad you did. Follow Julie on Facebook.


Rebecca BRebecca Bauman has created an extraordinary world of imagination. Her characters and books are for children of all ages. But she also writes poetry and stories that fill the soul of anyone who reads them. Rebecca reads my chapters as I write and encourages me to keep going when I doubt myself. Then she puts her amazing designs skills to work helping me finish my book covers. Check out her Imaginary World of Rebecca B website and her Facebook page.


The Book ShoppeIn Book 4 – Secrets and Revelations, Polly takes Andrew Donovan to a bookstore in Boone, where he finds used books to fill his cravings, as well as a big black Lab named Zekey. Well, Zekey is real and so is the bookstore. A friend of mine from high school, Susan, owns The Book Shoppe on Story Street in Boone, Iowa. It’s a wondrous place, filled with used books, new books and other things a book lover might want! She’d love for you to drop in, but if you live far away, check out The Book Shoppe’s website (with a picture of Zekey) and her Facebook page.