Seventy-two hours and Grey is completely relaxed. This is trust and I won't betray it - well, except maybe to play.

Seventy-two hours and Grey is completely relaxed. This is trust and I won’t betray it – well, except maybe to play.

People in my books tease Polly about her propensity for rescuing people, animals, and even buildings. Though I’m not actively involved in any “rescues” right now (unless you count my bringing a cute little cat into the house – and I’m pretty sure she’s working on rescuing me), it is something I passionately believe in and financially support in ways I will never share or express. That’s my thing to do – you have your own.

I am always grateful when people ask me to help. I appreciate the opportunities that are often opened up to me in ways that I didn’t even realize were possible. I appreciate supporting others who are willing to leap out of their safety zone into a world where they can care for others.

This comes from a lifetime of learning. My grandmother often asked my father to sit with her and look over the charities she supported. They grew from year to year as she found one more place that could use a little help. She didn’t have a lot of money, but she shared whatever she could. When my father died and I opened up his files, I was astounded at the huge variety of charities that received money from him. He always did his research and was as frugal a man as I’ve ever known, but his generosity knew no bounds.

We grew up in small towns in Iowa in the sixties and seventies. Dad knew who was in need and did what he could to help. Transients and homeless individuals and families came through town and ended up in our home for a meal before moving on. We learned what it meant to give. One of the most memorable lessons the three of us kids learned was the night that a family with small children ate with us. Before they left, Mom sent us to our rooms to choose a toy to give away. We were under strict orders to *not* choose something we had tired of playing with, but to choose one of our favorite toys. That was important to Mom and Dad – that we not give from our excess, but from our heart. It is a memory that each of us carried. Sure, there was a little resentment at the moment, but the learning that came from it made each of us understand true generosity and it grew easier and easier for us throughout our lives. Because giving that comes from struggle makes the bond much deeper. There is a relationship between the giver, the gift and the one who receives.

Jon Acuff is a pretty cool young man (I can say that – I’m old, ya know). He writes awesome books on change … stepping out of your safe place … being brave … grabbing life without fear. And he’s got a huge heart. I’m not asking you to support this, but I do want to give you the opportunity.

Buy a candle for yourself or as a gift and support a group that believes in rescuing people from the worst our society has to offer. They operate not only in the Nashville area, but support organizations around the country. Watch the video if nothing else. Get to know Jon, read his blog, check out his books. Be inspired to reach beyond yourself, especially when it isn’t easy.

I know we all have groups / rescues / charities, etc., you are passionate about. For that I am so grateful. My character – Polly – reminds us constantly how important it is to find ways to be involved in someone else’s life. It doesn’t matter whether it is close to home or far away, whether you do it face to face or are generous with money or in other ways. The only thing that matters is that we do something beyond ourselves.


Well, for everyone who told me that TB needed a new friend – Bah on you. this is your fault.

This morning I went out to the front porch as I prepared to head for town to mail more books off. And I heard that horrible, pitiful sound of a kitten in need. I kind of prayed that I was hearing a bird, but I knew better. I chased down the sound and watched a little grey kitty disappear. Rats. I knew I’d never get my hands on him, but if he was meant to live with me, we’d figure out a way.

I did my errands in town and came back – heard the mewing again and before long, I had this little thing in my arms and in the comfort of our home.

TB isn’t terribly happy. Okay, he’s not happy at all. But he’ll deal with it. After hissing at me and Grey, then batting at me in anger, he’s decided the best place to hide is in the other room. 20151007_144340

I have no idea how old or what sex, but Grey meets our wonderful vet tomorrow afternoon and we start the process of making this cutie part of our family.

Pictures? Not much luck so far. Not only is this little cat mouthy enough to get my attention, but hasn’t stopped moving since we walked in the door – well, except to pound down as much of TB’s food as possible in a short period of time.

Edit: Ack! I didn’t even think about it, but he’s not named after Christian Grey. I have a little great-nephew whose name is Alistair Grey … oh, and a character in Bellingwood Book 11. And since I have no idea what sex this little thing is – it’s still fairly gender-less for a name.

Bellingwood Vignette – Book 11, #03

Home Is Where the Heart Is

20150413_170210“Get off, you furry beast,” Beryl grumped. She lifted Miss Kitty from her stomach and put her down on the bed beside the pillow. “What time is it anyway?”

The cat made one more attempt to crawl back into the spot she’d claimed, but Beryl turned on her side to see the clock.

“Six o’clock? Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you know I need my beauty sleep?”

“Meoawrowrow,” came the reply as Miss Kitty pushed her nose into the crook of Beryl’s arm.

“Not funny. Go back to sleep.” Beryl wrapped her arm around the cat and tucked her in, close to her stomach, knowing full well that wouldn’t solve the problem. All she wanted was a few more minutes and maybe she could drift far enough away so the cat’s antics wouldn’t bother her.

“Meowrowrow,” the cat said again, pushing herself away with all her strength. She slithered out from under Beryl’s arms, climbed up onto the woman’s hips and meowed as loudly as she could.

Beryl harrumphed and swung her legs over to the edge of the bed so she could sit up. Miss Kitty followed, staying close to Beryl’s body.

“What in the world?” Beryl muttered. She finally got up and followed the cat to the kitchen. Miss Kitty jumped up on the counter where her food dish sat and looked at Beryl expectantly.

“You have plenty of food in there. You’ve only eaten a little bit,” Beryl complained. She looked down at the nearly empty water dish on the floor.

“You could have just told me,” Beryl said. “If you’d said something last night, we wouldn’t be having this problem right now.” She rinsed it out, refilled it and put it back down. “Is that enough?”

Miss Kitty padded her way over to Beryl and rubbed her face on Beryl’s arm.

“I”m not too happy with you right now. It’s been a long week and now you want attention?”

Beryl had just returned from a week on the east coast. She’d met with several gallery owners and her agent had set up two meetings with large corporate clients. There was some big money available if she wanted to do the work. And she would. She’d learned long ago that staying busy meant keeping the fear-of-going-broke monkey off her back.

Miss Kitty jumped to the floor, wove her way in and out of Beryl’s legs and then walked to the water bowl, sniffed it and hunched down in front of it, waiting for something to happen.

“You’re a strange cat. It’s fresh water. I promise.” Beryl sat down at her table, glancing toward the kitchen door. She wondered if she’d be able to go back to sleep now.

Her agent wouldn’t quit trying to get her to move out east. How long had they been working together? Twenty years now? And he refused to believe that she was happier in Iowa than she could ever be anywhere else. But one week in that chaos reminded her why she loved Bellingwood. There had been meetings and lunches and parties and breakfasts all day long, every day. He assured her that if she lived in the area, those would be spread out to be more manageable, but she knew better. One lunch would lead to another and she’d never have time to actually work.

The parties were the worst. That scene was not a place Beryl was comfortable in. She couldn’t bear the fake kiss-kiss greetings or the blatant self-promotion people did at any cost. In all her years of being part of that crowd, she’d made very few real friends.

She chuckled to herself. She didn’t have many real friends here in Iowa either, she supposed. But it was certainly easier to get a handle on people’s intentions and agendas.

Miss Kitty had quietly been lapping at the water in her bowl and jumped up on Beryl’s lap, nudging her hand. Beryl stroked the cat’s head, down her back, and up the tail. She took a deep breath as her hand rubbed the soft coat over and over. “It’s why I come back here,” Beryl said quietly. “I can be as crazy and wacky as I want and nobody tries to one-up me. They just let me be who I am. No pretense, no fake lovey stuff, just real. I’ll never leave Iowa.”

Before the cat got too comfortable on her lap, Beryl stood up and carried Miss Kitty out of the kitchen, flipping the light back off. Sunlight was coming through the windows, but there were no plans for today, so it wouldn’t matter how late she slept.

Lydia had learned not to call Beryl too early in the morning unless she wanted to get an earful. There were plenty of times the woman didn’t care. Beryl had learned that if Lydia needed her, she needed to wake up and get on board. Now that Andy was happily married, she didn’t call quite as often. Beryl grimaced. It really wasn’t about being married. Andy was busier now than she’d been when she was raising kids and teaching. Between working at the library, maintaining the odd little pop culture museum at Sycamore House, her grandchildren, and responding when Lydia needed something, Andy was always going.

“Old ladies, huh,” Beryl said, sitting down on her bed. She lay back and let Miss Kitty get comfortable on her stomach. “This is the best time of our lives.”

The cat purred loudly as Beryl pulled the sheet over the top of both of them.

“Gonna be okay under there?” Beryl asked. Miss Kitty wasn’t much for being under the covers during the summer time, but they’d missed each other this last week.

This really was the best time of her life. She lived where she wanted to live, had great friends who understood when she needed to hide out and work, but jumped right in when she was free to spend time with them. And that little Rebecca was such a joy. Beryl had never taken a student as young as her, but the child was a sponge. Maybe they really would go to Paris and Venice, to Rome and Cairo together someday. Rebecca continued to talk about it and one day showed up with a travel book for Europe. Beryl would love to travel with someone who saw the world with such joy.

Beryl smiled as she thought about the book she’d brought back. Rebecca would love looking at it. They didn’t have much street art in Bellingwood and graffiti was only seen on the trains flying through Boone. They’d been talking about graffiti and murals that Rebecca had seen on television. Anything to keep that little mind’s creativity at its peak.

The cat moved off Beryl’s stomach and curled up beside her head.

“Okay,” Beryl said. “We’re going to sleep now. Lydia called last night and there was an accident on the highway in front of Polly’s house. You know what that means, don’t you?”

Miss Kitty purred and pulled her paw over her face.

“That’s right,” Beryl said. “It means we’re in for a wild couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. How about you?”

Wine & Trivia Night Success!

20150918_145448What a wonderful evening we had. More than 120 of you stopped in at least for a minute. Thank you! I had a blast.

We have winners! I copied the names from each post, entered that list into a random name picker (online) and voila … winners! Here is a list of the questions, answers, prizes, and winners. I will head over to Facebook and notify you on each of your comments.

Please send me an email or a private message with your mailing address if you’ve won.

In the case of mug winners, please tell me which of the three mugs you’d like to have.

In the case of ebooks, I need an email address from you.

Paperback copies won’t mail for a couple of weeks because of the time it takes for them to be printed and shipped to me.

Congratulations and thank you all!

Question 1: What drink was Andy serving when Lydia invited friends to meet and get to know Polly? (Book 1)
Chocolate martini
Prizes: Teal Frogs
Shelly Epert McKee
Jacque Barry Webb

Question 2: What is the name of the Randall’s dog (Doug’s family)? (Book 1)
Junior – Frank Sinatra
Prizes: Mugs
Marie Harness
Carla Marie Montfort

Question 3: Henry’s family home is on what street in Bellingwood? (Book 2)
Prizes: Paperback copy of Book 11
Paula Holmes Allaire
Julie Cavanaugh

Question 4: What is the name of the restaurant in Ames that Polly never gets to eat at? And what type of food do they serve?
Hickory Park
Prizes: Ebook copy of Book 11
Naomi Hymes Sellers
Sheila Deuell Hill

Question 5: In book 3, Sal tells the story of Polly helping a cute classmate. Who was the author that she tried to help him study? (Book 3)
Henry James
Prizes: Green Frogs
Corrine Starkey
Annette Kamlay

Question 6: What is the name of the dog who hangs out in the Boone bookstore? (Book 4+)
Prize: Star Wars Apron
Amanda Kerner

Question 7: What is Anita’s steampunk name? (Book 5)
Claire Astlebury
Prizes: Max prints
Sue Haskell McCreary
Denise Chamberlain

Question 8: What is the name of the video game that the kids play all the time?
Sword Lords
Prizes: Mugs
Tami Harper
Michele Hollenback Hicks

Question 9: What vegetable sandwich did Polly’s caregiver, Mary, feed her when she was a child? (Book 7)
Radish sandwiches
Prizes: Paperback copy of Book 11
Catherine Hall
Julie Cavanaugh

Question 10: Sam and Jean Gardner have a basset hound. What’s his name? (Book 8)
Prizes: Ebook copy of Book 11
Mary Holmstead Vaterlaus
Christine Broadston

Question 11: Which flavor of ice cream cone did Polly and Lydia discover they both liked best? (Short Story Book 1)
Twist Cone at Dairy Queen – Chocolate and Vanilla
Prizes: Rosey Frogs
Jo Thompson
Christina Asp Mike

Are You Ready to Party?

As I drove back from Boone this afternoon (yep, waved at Bellingwood. I can’t help myself, it’s the Bellingwood corner and I’m the only person around who knows that!)… Anyway, as I was driving past golden rows of corn and beans, hoping to beat the storm that’s hovering overhead, I realized something. I almost feel guilty (notice the almost. Not quite, not really and any I have I’ll get over it) for the amount of happy I have going on in my life.

I’m doing something that I never dreamed of doing (writing and publishing stories for those of you who need a little extra help along my meandering thoughts). I get to do fun things for people, I get to do fun things with people. I get to meet fun people and all of this fun is extraordinary!

20150917_144349Why was I in Boone? There is the coolest print shop there and since I spent 20+ years owning one of those crazy things, I have a little background. Boone is an eclectic mix of interesting people. Some days I feel like I’m in the middle of Soho – they are just that odd. Other days, it is so small town Iowa. There’s a lot of history in that community, but the printshop is a block off the main shopping district, in a wonderful old building with creaky old wooden floors. It’s awesome. I was picking up some new bookmarks and notepads to put into books and giveaways. Because, I love paper and printing and designing and all of that fun stuff.

Now for the party…

Bellingwood Wine & Trivia Night
September 18, 2015
6-11 pm, CDT

Join me on the Facebook Bellingwood page. I’ll be drinking wine (you can drink whatever you’d like) and asking trivia questions from the first ten books in the Bellingwood series.

Rules for play? Just a few. Every half hour, I will post a trivia question. You can cheat off your neighbors, look it up, do whatever you want to answer it correctly. Along with the question, there will be a picture of the prize to be given away. If you don’t want to be considered for a particular prize, don’t comment on the question. I will choose winners on Saturday (because the insanity is much too great Friday night) and notify you on your comment as well as in a separate post.

See FirstThe only thing is – you have to be on the Bellingwood page to see the questions, because Facebook is so weird about putting everything into your feed.

Now, there is something you can do to ensure that Bellingwood posts show up in your feed. I’ve started doing this with my favorite pages.

Click the drop down arrow on the “Like page” button and it gives you the option of seeing posts first. It has really helped my Facebook feed. I’m no longer seeing a lot of garbage (okay, I spent time hiding and un-following companies and people who constantly put garbage up there, but still) and I am seeing things that I want to see.

BellingwoodWine &Trivia NightPrizes for the party. I’m choosing fabric this afternoon for the frogs. I have a Star Wars apron to give away – my friend, Fran, is a wonderful seamstress and wow it’s cool. There will be Sycamore House mugs and Sweet Beans mugs, prints of the image from Book 1 (taken and produced by my husband, Max), as well as ebook and paperback copies of Book 11.

You don’t want to miss this if you can possibly help it. Stop in any time throughout the evening and if you really want to participate in the contest, you know I won’t be awake until late on Saturday, so scootch in early Saturday morning and get your answers into the mix. You’ll still be eligible.

The best part of this evening for me is a chance to get to know you, so be sure to say crazy things, hold a conversation with me, do whatever. We’ll have fun.

Welcome to September

This month of September is going to be fun! There is so much going on, I’m numbering the events. Don’t lose track!

1. First and foremost, Book 11 (still need a title and cover) will be published on September 25. At this point, that phrase needs a followup – “come hell or high water” for many reasons. But it will be published on time. I’m in love with the new characters that have been introduced and can’t wait for you to meet them.

Bellingwood Wine & Trivia Night (1)2. Secondly, September 18 (one week prior to publication), we are having another Wine & Trivia Night on the Facebook Bellingwood page. Lots of prizes, a little wine in Diane (and anyone else who wants to join me), and some insane conversation. It’s hard to keep up with y’all, but I give it my best shot. Join us from 6 – 11 pm CDT.

I encourage you to join us on the Facebook Bellingwood page. That’s where all of the fun happens. I can hardly express how much I love you all. From contests, to ridiculous statements and rotten / mean teasers while I’m writing, it’s about me finding ways to get to know you better. And while we’re at it, if you get to know each other – you have no idea how wonderful that is for me. If I could connect all of my friends that are in the world to each other, I’d be a happy, happy girl.

Anyway … moving on.

3. Labor Day Weekend. I will give away four (4!!!) bean bag frogs. You have to be on the FB page to join in (and live in the US – shipping costs out of the country are ridiculous. I hate that reality and wish it were different).

Books in the WildHere’s the contest:
Take pictures of any Bellingwood book cover – either on your Kindle or using a paperback.

Take four different pictures and make sure the cover is in each of them: 1) when you’re eating out or cooking / grilling / whatever you come up with that has to do with food; 2) with your transportation (car, bike, trike, motorcycle, running shoes, skates, horse … whatever; 3) with your best friend – whether it be human or animal; and 4) some place fun – at the beach, your back yard, your pillow, top of a mountain – any place.

Just remember, a Bellingwood book cover needs to be in the picture.

For each of the four pictures you post, you’ll get an entry into the contest. How cool is that? (Just so we’re clear here, you will only get one entry for a food picture, one entry for a transpo pic, etc., Four different pictures of the cover with food won’t count. Make sense?)

20150329_185613Don’t start posting the pictures yet. I will announce the fun on Friday evening, September 4th on Facebook. You post your pictures as comments in that announcement before Monday evening, September 7th. I will choose winners on Tuesday, September 8th.

4. Happy Birthday to Diane! My birthday is September 8th and I’m going to do another froggie giveaway. Early Tuesday morning, I will put a post up on the Facebook Bellingwood page and all you have to do is have fun. If you comment on that post with a fun birthday meme or picture or something silly, I will choose two MORE winners for birthday frogs.

Is it Real or is it Memorex?

You never know with me. I tell fictional stories as easily as I relate my own. It comes from years of making something funny out of the crazy things that happen in my life. No sense getting all morose about stuff after it’s all over. That’s when it becomes a tale to be told.

Because you needed a picture of the boy with his cute pink tongue.

Because you needed a picture of the boy with his cute pink tongue.

Yesterday morning at 5:30, I woke up … violently. I’d only been asleep for a couple of hours. My best writing time happens after eleven o’clock at night. Anyway, I was startled awake not only by the cat bolting off my stomach (how in the world did he sneak up there when I wasn’t looking?), but by a horrible noise coming from my air conditioning unit. It scared TB pretty badly … a cross between a freight train and a low flying airplane.

I went to the bathroom, hoped it would settle down, but knew I’d be calling my A/C guy when *real* morning arrived. I tried to go back to sleep. TB settled in beside me and the A/C kicked on again, making the same terrible noise. Enough of this. I turned it off, made sure my dehumidifier was empty and working, turned fans on and went to bed. Later that morning, I called and left a message, telling my A/C guy about the problem and I asked him to call and schedule a time.

Before leaving for Boone to do laundry, I flipped the light on in the room with the A/C unit, smacked the thing a couple of times to tell it that I was annoyed and made sure it was turned off at the thermostat. I was gone for about an hour and a half, came back to a UPS delivery and the cat under the covers. Nothing had been disturbed and I hadn’t heard from my tech. No worries. I’d be fine.

It warmed up last night, but I emptied the dehumidifier a couple more times, rearranged fans and made myself as comfortable as possible. I was too hot to think, so I didn’t do any writing, but stayed up late anyway (it’s what I do), sewing a couple of projects for Carol. Fell asleep again about 3, woke up over and over through the night, finally got up at 9.

I worried about the techs showing up on me this morning, so I hurried into the shower and ran out to run some errands. I came back and knew that it was going to get warmer and warmer. When I hadn’t heard from them by 3:00, I was done. I called and left another message. I was very nice and told him I just needed an idea of when they might be here. If it wasn’t going to be until Monday – that was fine (I’m really good at martyr behavior).

A half hour later, TB was outside and I figured that I might just turn the loud and noisy A/C on for a while to get some relief. He wasn’t around to freak out over the sound.

And it was quiet. Perfectly, wonderfully, quiet. Say what?

I called my tech and this time he answered.

I said, “So either you were here yesterday and fixed my air conditioning or letting it sit for 36 hours fixed the problem.”

“We were there yesterday.”

“You were!?”

“Yeah, sorry we missed you.”

(Inside I’m whimpering because I was pretty miserable last night and it had been unnecessary. I also could have slept much later this morning … sigh.)

“Can you tell me what the problem was?” I asked.

“You had a mouse in the blower system.”

“Dead mouse?”

“Oh yeah. Really dead mouse. That was what made it vibrate.”

“Okay, well, then. Thank you. Send me the bill.”

They’ve been in and out of this place whether I’m here or not for the last six years. I never worry about that and always tell them to just come on in if I’m gone. They are such good guys. Just straightforward, nice, responsible, hardworking guys. I really like them. And they take great care of me.

So rather than complain and whine about anything, I chalk this up to another awesome story of life in the rural Midwest.

You know what? When I got home yesterday from the trip to Boone, the light that I’d switched on was turned off. I assumed that I had automatically flipped it off … like I always do (Dad trained me well in the energy crisis of the late 1970’s). But no, that was the only real hint that they’d been here. Nothing was disturbed, they’d cleaned up after themselves (and the dead mouse – ack!).

The air conditioning is on, the fans are now blowing cold air on me (this is going to have to end pretty soon, my toes are starting to feel like it’s the middle of January), and I can’t stop laughing about this. If it weren’t for real life, there wouldn’t be any fun stories.

I’m A Creative … You Are Too.

I don’t mind the warm summer days, but I do despise warm and humid summer nights. I always know that once the temps rise for good, I’m in a holding pattern until fall before I sleep well through the night again. Even with air conditioning.

When I was in junior high and high school (okay, it was this way all through my school years), we didn’t have central air conditioning. Mom and Dad had a window unit in their bedroom and we had one on the main floor of the parsonage, but for the most part, I was … hot at night. We put a big box fan in my window and every summer I moved my bed so I could plaster myself up against it. Now, here’s the funny thing. I wouldn’t have that great memory if we’d had air conditioning, so how can I complain?

I try not to complain too much about weather anyway. It won’t change things. I’d rather live in the Midwest than anywhere else and if I’m patient, it will change.

This summer has been a good one. My oldest nephew had a brand new baby – Alistair. His sister got married to a wonderful young man and his brother will be getting married in two weeks. I’ve published a book, made new friends from the Bellingwood community, edited for my brother’s next book (and short story – check him out at Fickle Dragon), been able to continue writing. What more could a girl ask for? Not much. My cat is aging and as he does, he gets more and more affectionate and less and less bratty. It makes the days a lot of fun.

TB Cleaning pawFor that matter, the nights are entertaining with TB, too. If he hears any noise, he bolts off the bed to chase it down. He wakes up at dawn – no matter that I went to sleep an hour earlier because I’d been writing all night. When he wakes up that early, he insists that I be alert enough to play with him. It’s not about being fed – he has food in his dish (I’m not that dumb). No, it’s about me paying attention to him. If I don’t, he’ll run from the depths of the house to the bed and land on it with all his weight. Who knew that cats could choose how much weight per square inch they use. He CAN jump on the bed without disturbing me, but not at 5:30 in the morning. If I still try to sleep, he’ll jump on his cat tree in front of the window and scratch at the glass until I tell him to stop. And if he really needs attention, he’ll jump on top of me and bug me until I sit up. That’s all it takes. I need to acknowledge that he’s around and tell him that I love him. Silly feline.

25 treat bags for my sister's classroom - first day of school stuff!

25 treat bags for my sister’s classroom – first day of school stuff!

Last February, Amazon announced a Daily Deal – a Singer sewing machine for an amazing price. I knew it needed to happen. Oh, I had my mother’s 1950’s cast-iron Singer. But it needs work and is in Omaha … and well, it just wasn’t going to happen. So I bought it. That has been the best thing I’ve done in years. I’ve always been a sewer (seamstress would imply a level of skill I won’t claim yet). I remember learning on an old treadle machine. Mom figured that was safe enough for me so I wouldn’t hurt myself. She sewed everything for us kids from toys to clothing. She covered and recovered our furniture, made curtains and drapes. There was nothing she wouldn’t attempt.

Tray for classroom pencils ... for my sister.

Tray for classroom pencils … for my sister.

Before I was married, Carol and I lived together and at some point I refurbished Mom’s machine and re-found my love of sewing. There were years and years of fun things being created between the two of us. Then, I got married, got busy with the business and church activities and there was no time. The sewing machine kept getting put further and further back in the craft room, and then I even ran out of time to do any type of crafts.

Wine bottle gift bag & matching ... uhhh ... gift bag. I'm an addict!

Wine bottle gift bag & matching … uhhh … gift bag. I’m an addict!

What was I thinking? I had put away nearly all of my creative outlets. Since I purchased this machine in February, there have been very few days when I haven’t used it. When I was in the middle of editing and publishing Book 10 – The River Rolls On, I didn’t have time. Every day I would look at my machine and realize that I was missing the tactile sensation of creating something with my hands.

I think we all need that. The other night I was thinking about creation and the fact that God is all about creation. He didn’t stop … he rested. And he created us with minds that search and hearts that explore. We were made to be creative and innovative and imaginative. We were given talents … not just one … but many. There is no limit to the things we can imagine and create.

I find myself desperately desiring more time in the day so I don’t have to stop working on a project, or writing a chapter. I stay up until all hours of the night because I’m not ready to be finished with this day’s work. My mind and body wear out long before my desire to create does.

What types of things do you do that fulfills your drive to be creative? What do you wish you could be doing (why aren’t you?)? It’s amazing that so many of us don’t believe we are creative because it seems as if the things we do are so mundane. We’ve done them our entire lives. But I’ve learned that there is also no limit to the different talents people have. What one person believes is mundane, another sees as magic.

Now, I probably need to hunker down and get some other things done, but this ding-donged sewing machine keeps calling me back … like a siren singing its beautiful song to the sailors on the ocean. I’m lost to its music. Maybe one of these days I’ll finally confess my latest addition to the sewing addiction. Yikes.

FREE Book and Catching Up

Book 1-3 Box Set a 100 dpiFirst up, the Bellingwood Boxed Set: Books 1-3 for Kindle is FREE until Sunday, July 5. Polly moves into Bellingwood and the roller coaster begins. It’s hard to believe that so much has happened to her since those early days when she was just getting to know her new home, but ten books later, these people are part of our family.

They certainly are part of mine. I dream and think about them when I’m not writing them. They’re good people to know.

These last two weeks have been crazy-insane for me. It all started on that fateful Friday night when I drank too much wine and played with everybody on the Bellingwood Facebook page. From that moment on, I didn’t stop moving. Final edits for Book 10, publication craziness and then a fun trip to Omaha to see my nephew’s brand new baby (born on the day I actually published Book 10). I got to spend time with that new little boy while I was waiting for my niece’s wedding to begin. So much family fun in one day!

On Sunday, I spent time with friends and then drove myself back to the cabin and collapsed. I gave myself two days off and did nothing but sew and watch Star Trek: Voyager. It was glorious. While I was in Omaha, I made my way (with great trepidation) into my old craft room to see what I had in the way of sewing stuff. I pretty much quit crafting and sewing a couple of years into my marriage (mid 1990s). So many other things were going on, I just didn’t have time. Well, lookie there! I brought three large totes filled with fabric, pillow forms, and notions back with me and had a great time digging through them and finding treasures. What fun!

Sleepy kittyMy poor cat was awfully glad to see me. I’d left him here alone while I was playing with friends and family and I’m pretty sure he didn’t sleep. He loves to play outside, but after a quick run to make sure everything was where it belonged, he came back in and settled down beside me for the next three days. Today was the first day he’s acted like my normal TB.

As of July 1, I’m back on the 1000 words / day regimen. No matter how tired I am or what I’ve got going on, I will write (at the very least) one thousand words. Even if I have no idea what is supposed to happen in a chapter, I will write. Because it always comes. The characters rarely stop talking.

Book 11 is underway. I’ve introduced a ton of new characters and at least two will become part of the fabric of Bellingwood. Polly has found the dead body and she’s opening Sycamore House to someone who needs a place to come back to life. As I wrote last night, I discovered she is starting to think about the next adventure in restoration. (Seriously girl, you have to take a breath!) It’s a good thing she found Henry. He’s the only man I know with the patience to put up with her shenanigans.

Here we are at a holiday weekend. It’s a beautiful day in Iowa, the cat is outside enjoying the sunshine, I have no pressing issues, my mind is filled with ideas and I’ve had at least one jolt of caffeine.

TB just came in and nudged my leg to tell me that he’s still around and thinking about me. It’s time to hug him.

I hope you all have safe and happy Independence Day celebrations.

Party On, Dude

Mom, let's not party that hard again for awhile. Okay?

Mom, let’s not party that hard again for awhile. Okay?

Last night’s festivities on the Bellingwood Facebook page were a riot! I had a great time hanging out with you all. You’re hilarious. There were crazy questions to be answered and among the correct answers were hilarious responses. Thank you, thank you for playing.

I have prizes piled up ready to be awarded. So I need to hear from everyone with a shipping address (or email address for the Kindle Ebooks) as soon as possible. Mugs come from CafePress and it takes them a few days to get things moving, so be patient. Signed paperbacks will be slower than you’d like. After I upload content, it takes a week and a half at lease for them to ship to me. I will turn around and ship them back out in a couple of days … so … more patience.

Frogs will be shipped out on Monday, the Star Wars apron will be shipped a week from Monday (I’m heading to Omaha next weekend to spend time with Fran and pick it up!), and the Kindle ebook will show up in your email as soon as they are live on Amazon.

Okay … enough noise from me. I will find the winner’s comment on each post and let you know that you’ve got a prize coming, but here we go!

Questions / Answers / Prize / Winner

1. In Book 1, what was the name of the drink Beryl ordered to trip up the new bartender at Davey’s. Do you remember the ingredients?
Red Headed Slut – Jagermeister, peach schnapps, cranberry juice
Prize: Signed paperback copy of Book 10
Winner: Nola Sokol Knowles

2. In Book 1, what did Sylvie find in the crates of items they discovered in the basement of Sycamore House that she’d lost in high school? Do you remember what she found in it?
Jacket. Plastic case with a boy band picture on the front – lip gloss tubes inside
Prize: Sweet Bean mug
Winner: Denise Chamberlain

3. In Book 1, what do we discover Lydia uses to bribe Aaron to talk?
Her fried chicken
Prize: Blue frog
Winner: Lori Decker Alderson

4. In Book 2, what was Elise Marberry’s real first name?
Prize: Ebook
Winner: Carla Marie Montfort

5. In Book 2, what was the main entree Polly cooked for her ‘date’ with Mark Ogden?
Chicken Marsala
Prize: Sycamore House Mug
Winner: Brad Hickson

6. In Book 3, why did Polly’s third custodian leave the job?
Moved to Florida to live on a commune – farm
Prize: Green frog
Winner: Susan Vaughn

7. In Book 3, what common Midwestern bird did Sal and Polly see on the road coming back from Boone? Sal had never seen one before.
Prize: Signed paperback
Winner: Deseray MacDonald

8. In Book 3, Polly and Henry talked about childhood dreams. Henry didn’t want to be a cowboy when he was a child, he wanted to be a what?
Prize: Sycamore House Mug
Winner: Joanne Magee

9. In Book 4, Polly uncovers a stuffed animal she’d had as a child. What is the animal and what is its name?
Grey elephant named Tigger
Prize: Kindle Ebook
Winner: Marie Harness

10. In Book 4, what instrument does Jeff Lyndsay play at the concert during Bellingwood Days?
Prize: Pink Frog
Winner: Pat Case

11. In Book 5, where was Henry at the beginning of the story when everything was falling apart around Polly?
In Ann Arbor, MI with his sister
Prize: Sweet Bean Mug
Winner: Julie Cavanaugh

12. Before things fell apart in Book 6, what was the pet name Henry regularly used for Polly?
Pretty Polly
Prize: Max Print
Jacque Berry Webb

13. In Book 5, how did Thomas Zeller’s old girlfriend choose her last name whenever she changed her identity?
Names of things that had to do with sewing
Prize: Fran apron
Winner: RaeEllen Kurzendoerfer

14. In Book 6, J. J. Roberts, one of the owners of the winery tells Polly that Lucy, the waitress at Joe’s Diner was his … what when he was little?
Prize: Red fancy frog
Winner: Ann Otwell

15. In Book 6, Polly had to wake Andrew up when he was staying at her apartment. He refused to get up. What did she do to him to make him miserable enough to come awake?
Dropped water droplets on his forehead.
Prize: Kindle Ebook
Winner: Anne Moore Jesseph

16. In Book 7, what did Drea Renaldi’s mother send to Bellingwood with her daughter as a gift for Polly?
White lace table runner
Prize: Signed Paperback book
Winner: Melanie Curtis

17. In Book 7, what was the name of Uncle Loren’s dog?
Prize: Max print
Winner: Dee Schwark

18. In Book 6 & 7, we discover Polly’s favorite breakfast meal at the diner. What is it called?
Garbage plate.
Prize: Kindle eBook
Winner: Jo Thompson

19. In Book 8, when Polly and Henry arrived at Mrs. Willard’s to look at the Woodies (old cars), Nate came outside eating a what?
Cinnamon roll that melted in his mouth
Prize: Signed Paperback copy
Winner: Doris Nash

20. Of the four Percheron horses, who is the alpha and really … Eliseo’s horse?
Prize: Red / Green Frog
Winner: Lynn Dion

21. In Book 9, what was the first movie Andrew introduced to Kayla?
Star Wars
Prize: Kindle eBook
Winner: Jill Henderson